Successfully migrating OKEA’s historical drilling and well data to Oliasoft WellDesign

Preparing for the digital future, OKEA has decided to modernize their software solution and utilize Oliasoft WellDesign (OWD) as their well archive for historic and future wells. To fully utilize the capacity of OWD and to use OWD for well design processes and related workflows in the future, it was necessary to migrate well data from OKEA’s existing well design system to OWD.

Survey data and geographical map coordinates are straight forward to migrate to a modern architecture like OWD. However, a complete transfer of well data is not as trivial mainly because it requires inclusion of anti-collision error models for every section and casing design. Error models originates in various data logs from different downhole equipment provided by subcontractors. Consequently, all datasets representing groups of error models need mathematical conversion to fit the OWD data structure.

Through diligent work and close cooperation between OKEA and Oliasoft, most of the migration was completed within one week. However, a few challenges related to some of the error models were more cumbersome to address until they were fixed.

Oliasoft’s Chief Technology Officer, Marius Kjeldahl describes the data migration as groundbreaking, and adds “The OKEA migration project proves that migration of historical well data can be transferred more or less automatically. The work has resulted in a migration tool and procedure that expedites data migrations into OWD, with minimal manual adjustments.” The project was closely coordinated with OKEA, and both companies have subsequently validated the results over the summer and fall of 2021.


Migrating OKEA’s well database to a modern web-based application is another milestone on the road of our automation of the subsurface data flow and the integration of subsurface applications and we look forward to continue the cooperation with Oliasoft

Isabel von Steinaecker, Subsurface Application Focal Point at OKEA

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Essentially, the API specifies how software components should interact, with a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications to access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other services.

Oliasoft WellDesign is a modern software architecture based on REST-API. Hence, it does not require on-premises software installation, and can share data securely and freely across internet networks.