Well Expertise makes a decisive move to improve the well planning process

When the Norwegian well management company, Well Expertise wanted more efficient, simpler and faster well planning, they selected Oliasoft WellDesign as their new well planning software - to allow departments to come together to make better informed data-driven decisions in real-time.

Taking digitalization seriously

WellExpertise is a well management company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, providing planning and operational support encompassing exploration to decom, software, rig intake, marine surveillance, marine and logistics, environmental, and consultancy services.

The company needed a new solution to process the huge amount of information generated by the well design process, and enable effective decision-making by designers across the well planning workflow in the limited time available before operators must submit applications for consent or discharge.


Well Expertise stays competitive by continuously leveraging new digital technologies throughout our workflow. Our partnership with Oliasoft helps us deliver projects to our clients efficiently and on time, without having to wait for weeks for drilling service companies or other third-party specialists.

‘Before we worked with Oliasoft we had to use many different software applications and suppliers to handle the elements of the well planning workflow: simulations, calculations, well trajectories, casing design, blowout and kill, torque and drag, tubing design, and hydraulics. But Oliasoft has transformed the way we work, allowing us to consolidate every task into a single, integrated cloud-based system, allowing us to identify critical decision points in the process much more quickly.

‘We have been able to break down silos between technical disciplines and better coordinate our projects. After looking closely at the market it became clear that Oliasoft WellDesign is the only software offering a fully integrated intuitive cloud-based system, inspired by the company’s passionate commitment to digitization.

Morten Laget, Drilling Superintendent & BDM at Well Expertise.

Significant improvements in efficiency and quality

Well Expertise used Oliasoft WellDesign to expedite well planning work for Wellesley Petroleum’s Grosbeak Development and HPHT exploration well projects.

Oliasoft WellDesign broke down traditional silos, allowing our well engineers to work with the operator’s operations geologist to simulate optimal trajectories in real-time, and perform interactive blowout and kill modelling on a range of well design options. We were able to work closely together to decide the appropriate casing plans to perform kill operations with a single relief well, in full compliance with NORSOK regulations.

Working together to test scenarios in real-time saved time and money. Previously we have had to wait for third-party companies to process simulations before we could discuss the results. This is just one example of how Oliasoft WellDesign has allowed us to improve our work process.

Morten Laget

Oliasoft WellDesign has really improved the quality of our team’s decision-making, driving improvements in the design of the last two wells we have planned with Well Expertise.

Callum Smyth, Operational and HSEQ Manager at Wellesley Petroleum

A new industry standard

Well Expertise uses Oliasoft WellDesign to plan, realize efficiencies and improve their deliverables: an integrated cloud-based platform becoming an industry standard for calculation methods and user-friendly engineering tools.