Casing Wear

Deliver more robust casing designs with simulated effects on casing wear

Mitigate well integrity issues from excessive casing wear during drilling and intervention operations with Oliasoft WellDesign's Casing Wear simulations to ensure optimal well construction and integrity. 

Key features

  • Soft semi-stiff and radial wear distribution that provides detailed and accurate wear predictions.
  • Nested liner configurations that supports complex well designs with multiple liners.
  • Variable wear factor input that allows customization based on specific well conditions.
  • Non-linear wear adjustments that ensures comprehensive evaluation of wear risks.

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Manage uncertainties with advanced simulation capabilities

The Casing Wear module offers advanced simulation capabilities and features that empower engineers to simulate the effects, to thoroughly assess and manage the uncertainties associated with casing wear. 

This capability is particularly critical for complex wells such as Extended Reach Drilling (ERD), Multi-Laterals (MLT), and Through Tubing Rotary Drilling (TTRD).

Integrate the results into well construction plans and deliver robust casing designs. 

Integrated Casing Wear analysis

Define and simulate a sequence of operations — including drilling, circulating clean, reciprocation, and back reaming — for each well section in just minutes. Unlike other vendors, who require users to perform analyses across separate software and applications, our unified platform ensures efficiency and precision.

Enhanced Workflow 

With Oliasoft WellDesign, engineers experience an optimized workflow and enhanced user experience. Our platform's intuitive interface streamlines the design process, enabling faster concept iterations and more informed design choices. 

Integrated trajectory and well configuration functionality minimize manual data entry, saving valuable time and avoiding errors - ultimately allowing our users to work efficiently and focus on the important engineering details.

Transparent Methodology

We pride ourselves on transparency, sharing our calculation methodologies and key assumptions with our customers. 

This transparency fosters trust and confidence in our software, empowering engineers to make confident, informed decisions.