Blowout & Kill

Augmented well safety and efficiency with integrated reservoir, blowout and kill simulations

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Reservoir, Blowout & Kill Simulation modules enable users to simulate potential blowout rates across diverse flow paths for multiple fluids. This facilitates the construction of corresponding kill procedures.

Integrated simulation engines empower users to pinpoint reservoir uncertainties and conduct sensitivity analyses. Specifically, optimizing casing design focusing on blowout and kill considerations.

Our module is capable of conducting both steady-state blowout and transient kill simulations seamlessly through a unified interface.

Key features

  • Zero derivative and finite volume dynamic kill method
  • Automated kill sensitivity model investigating mud weight and pump rate ranges
  • A full weighted rates model compliant with latest guidelines and NORSOK D-010 for environmental calculations
  • A reservoir module able to work with or independently of the well design according to user requirements
  • Reservoir module includes a range of inflow models including oil and gas, and explicit PI and IPR definitions
  • Multiple reservoir definitions for two-phase oil & gas and gas condensate fluid characteristics

Key benefits of in-house well control with Oliasoft’s Blowout & Kill module

Early issue detection

Identify potential blowout problems early, giving your team ample time to prepare effective solutions.

Integrated risk management

Seamlessly managing changes throughout your well design and mitigating blowout risks with our integrated software, ensuring a controlled and systematic approach to risk management.

Enhanced understanding & ownership

Foster deeper understanding and ownership within your well delivery team, balancing production opportunities with potential risks for better decision-making.

Time and cost efficiency

Perform clear in-house analyses to save on consultancy fees and reduce wait times. When external advice is needed, ask precise, informed questions.

Precise blowout potential determination and dynamic kill simulation for comprehensive well safety compliance

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Reservoir, Blowout & Kill Simulation modules accurately determine the blowout potential of a well design. This allows users to establish the absolute open flow potential at the very start of the process. 

Our Blowout & Kill module is developed in partnership with the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE). Our engines can simulate dynamic kill rates for all scenarios. This includes pumping through existing drill strings, or through a relief well intersecting the blowing well at a chosen depth. The simulation combines the static head of a kill fluid with frictional pressure losses. The blowout and kill engines can simulate the mixed flow of multiple fluids from several reservoirs.

Independent reservoir module

Our independent Reservoir Module empowers users to design reservoirs autonomously, easily exploring Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) curves and Absolute Open Flow (AOF) potential. Users can seamlessly transfer reservoir data into the well design dataset. IPR curves can be derived from reservoir inputs or directly input by users, either as curves or straight-line Productivity Index (PI). Upon transfer to the well design dataset, relevant pressures, hole sizes, and depths are automatically extracted from corresponding modules.

Blowout module handling multiple reservoirs and fluids

The Oliasoft Blowout module efficiently calculates blowout rates across diverse flow paths, accommodating multiple reservoirs containing various fluids. Rapid processing of weighted oil rates facilitates environmental calculations, while users can opt for Monte Carlo simulations when reservoir input data are uncertain.

Integrated kill simulations directly linked to the blowout results

Oliasoft offers a transient kill module seamlessly integrated with the blowout module, eliminating the need for software switching. A sensitivity feature recommends viable kill rates and mud weights based on 25 simultaneous kill simulations. Users can select from various pump paths, enhancing the optimization of the kill procedure. Additionally, the pump pressures necessary down the relief well are automatically computed and visually represented on a pump curve plot Additionally, relief well casing design adjustments can be made to minimize pressure loss.

Seamless integration for enhanced control and contingency  planning

End-to-end integration with the other modules in Oliasoft WellDesign enables automatic recalculations of blowout and kill scenarios in response to design changes anywhere in the calculation chain.

Drilling engineers gain comprehensive control over simulation inputs and settings by integrating blowout and kill simulations into the well planning software. This inherent integration ensures informed decision-making at every stage of the process.

Stochastic blowout calculations

Our blowout functionality performs stochastic blowout calculations and weighted oil rates according to Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (Norsk Olje & Gass) guidelines. It can be utilized to verify that oil companies drilling in the United States comply with API standard 53, regulated by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

Automated sensitivity studies on mud weight and pumping rates

Our kill simulation engine identifies mud weight and pumping rate combinations that will allow wells to be killed through a single relief well. Run automated sensitivity studies investigating a range of mud weight and pumping rate combinations.

Kill chosen scenarios using pump pressure and pump power results generated by predefined kill mud weight and kill rates. Use dynamic photos to visualize downhole pressure and flow rate, pump pressure and power, kill rate and mud consumption, and fluid distribution in the well during the kill operation.

Quick investigation of alternative pumping programs

Quickly perform a range of sensitivities to investigate alternative pumping programs, including pumping through the drill pipe and external pump sources, and perform staged kill operations.

Investigate different intersection points with ease and alter relief well casing designs.

Fully integrated cloud-based application for well engineering

Shaping the future of well planning