Blowout & Kill

Integrated reservoir, blowout and kill simulations that meet industry standards

Integrated simulation engines will allow the users to identify reservoir uncertainties and run sensitivities focusing on optimising the casing design from a blowout and kill viewpoint.

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Reservoir, Blowout & Kill Simulation modules allow you to perform both steady-state blowout and transient kill simulations from a single application.

Precise Blowout Potential Determination and Dynamic Kill Simulation for Comprehensive Well Safety Compliance

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Reservoir, Blowout & Kill Simulation modules accurately determine the blowout potential of a well design, allowing users to establish the absolute open flow potential at the very start of the process. 

Developed in partnership with the Institute For Energy Technology (IFE), our engines can simulate dynamic kill rates for all scenarios, including pumping through existing drill strings, or through a relief well intersecting the blowing well at a chosen depth, combining the static head of a kill fluid with frictional pressure losses. The blowout and kill engines are capable of simulating comingled flow of multiple fluids from multiple reservoirs.

Our blowout functionality performs stochastic blowout calculations and weighted oil rates in accordance with Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (Norsk Olje & Gass) guidelines, and can be used to verify that oil companies drilling in the United States are compliant with API standard 53 regulated by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

Our kill simulation engine identifies mud weight and pumping rate combinations that will allow wells to be killed through a single relief well. Run automated sensitivity studies investigating a range of mud weight and pumping rate combinations.

Kill chosen scenarios using pump pressure and pump power results generated by predefined kill mud weight and kill rates. Use dynamic photos to visualize downhole pressure and flow rate, pump pressure and power, kill rate and mud consumption, and fluid distribution in the well during the kill operation.

Quickly perform a range of sensitivities to investigate alternative pumping programs, including pumping through the drill pipe and external pump sources, and perform staged kill operations. Investigate different intersection points with ease and alter relief well casing designs.

Our flexible technology infrastructure allows simulations to be performed on the client or server side depending on the degree of calculation required. Integrate other modules to automatically recalculate blowout and kill in response to design changes at any point in the calculation chain. Integrating blowout and kill simulations into the well planning software gives drilling engineers complete control over every choice made regarding simulation inputs and settings.

Key features

  • Zero derivative and finite volume dynamic kill method
  • Automated kill sensitivity model investigating mud weight and pump rate ranges
  • A full weighted rates model compliant with latest guidelines and NORSOK D-010 for environmental calculations
  • A reservoir module able to work with or independently of the well design according to user requirements
  • Reservoir module includes a range of inflow models including oil and gas, and explicit PI and IPR definitions
  • Multiple reservoir definitions for two-phase oil & gas and gas condensate fluid characteristics

Fully integrated cloud-based application for well engineering

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