Oliasoft and Vår Energi: Pioneering Seamless Data Transfers in Trajectory Design

Achieving Seamless Data Integration Between Drilling and Subsurface

The collaboration between Oliasoft and Vår Energi has successfully demonstrated that Oliasoft WellDesign can be integrated with the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) platform to enable a seamless data flow between drilling and subsurface applications. This integration not only improves traditional workflows but also sets a precedent for future advancements in the energy sector. By leveraging the power of automated data transfers, Oliasoft WellDesign is helping to usher in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration in trajectory design and beyond. 

Data integration and streamlined workflows are pivotal for enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Oliasoft in collaboration with Vår Energi, has recently demonstrated its ability to seamlessly integrate Oliasoft WellDesign with OSDU. This integration marks a significant advancement in the trajectory design process, replacing manual data transfers with an automated, efficient system.


Pioneering an independent ecosystem

The integration of Oliasoft WellDesign deeper into OSDU, with both read and write capabilities, opens up for a whole ecosystem of independent third-party applications being able to assist Vår Energi in making more informed and better decisions with regards to well design and execution.

Brede Tøllefsen, Drilling & Wells Engineering Manager, Vår Energi

The Challenge of Data Silos 

Traditionally, energy companies manage trajectories and subsurface data in separate master systems operated by distinct departments. This separation leads to fragmented data silos, necessitating manual export, email sharing, and re-import of data for each iteration of the trajectory design process. Such a disjointed workflow is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inefficiencies. 

Project Description 

In partnership with Vår Energi, Oliasoft embarked on a project with the goal of; developing a two-way integration between Oliasoft WellDesign and Vår Energi's OSDU tenant, leveraging standard OSDU Domain Data Management Services (DDMS).

The integration focused on three key data objects: Wellbore, WellboreTrajectory, and WellboreMarkerSet, and addressed the following challenges.

  1. Designing the Trajectory: The project began with designing a trajectory in Oliasoft WellDesign. This trajectory, along with its corresponding Wellbore and WellboreTrajectory objects, was posted to OSDU. A placeholder WellboreMarkerSet was also associated with the WellboreTrajectory. 
  2. Data Flow to Subsurface Systems: Vår Energi’s master data system for subsurface data, Petrel, picked up these objects. Within Petrel, the trajectory was linked to a geomodel, and the associated formation tops were updated. 
  3. Bidirectional Data Update: The updated trajectory and formation tops were then posted back to OSDU. This updated data was subsequently picked up by Oliasoft WellDesign, ensuring that both systems were synchronized with the latest information.

Demonstrating success in developing a two-way integration between Oliasoft WellDesign and Vår Energi's OSDU tenant

Explore the simplicity of this integration in our hands-on tutorial, 'Designing Well Trajectories in Oliasoft WellDesign and Posting to OSDU'.

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Impact and Added Value 

This proven use case underscores the transformative impact of Oliasoft WellDesign's integration capabilities. The benefits extend across various stakeholders in the oil and gas industry: 

  1. For Oil Companies: The integration eliminates the need for manual data transfers, reducing the time and effort required to finalize trajectory designs. This efficiency translates into cost savings and faster project timelines. 
  2. For Teams: Inter-departmental collaboration is significantly improved as data flows seamlessly between drilling and subsurface teams. This fosters a more cohesive working environment and reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual data handling. 
  3. For Users: End-users benefit from a more intuitive and streamlined workflow. The automation of data transfers allows engineers and geoscientists to focus on higher-value tasks, enhancing overall productivity. 

On a broader scale, this integration sets a new standard for data management in the digital value chain of the energy industry. By showcasing the practical application of OSDU standards, it encourages other companies to adopt similar approaches, driving industry-wide improvements in data handling and integration.

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