Trajectory Design

A complete trajectory engineering and data management system

The Trajectory Design module offers full functionality to plan and model well trajectories in an interactive and intuitive user interface and survey management during and after operations. All simultaneously as simulating and managing your anti-collision risks following all industry standards described in the latest revisions from ISCWSA. 

Perform automatic well trajectory designs and error modeling through the Oliasoft API and connect to real-time data for real-time monitoring of well paths.

Key features

  • Access anywhere and collaborate with colleagues
  • Full parametric build capabilities including automatic trajectory design
  • Full anti-collision and error modelling
  • Web-GL 3D realtime rendering of trajectories
  • Oliasoft WellDesign offers full REST API support
  • Return trajectories, error ellipses/ellipsoids and covariance matrix in JSON format
  • Survey management and visualisation
  • Real time visualisation of operational path vs planned path
  • Full trajectory and anti-collision reporting

Automatic planning capabilities

Our modern platform technology makes empowers users to explore automatic planning capabilities, with the ability to automate any task traditionally performed manually within the application. 

  • Standardize pad wells through simple well trajectory rules 
  • Automatic relief well generator, which can model accurate relief wells to be used in our blowout and kill module.  
  • Explore our automatic slot/pad design function which makes it possible to define subsurface targets to any number of slots, and automatically calculate trajectories to all targets given trajectory parameter limitations. 
  • Through iterative scanning, our heat map method systematically explores surface areas to identify optimal pad locations using a sophisticated optimization algorithm. 

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Full support for coordinate systems

The platform offers full support for coordinate systems and Geodesy through IOGP EPSG CRS geodetic parameter dataset, all displayed in interactive maps. Convert and transform locations between different coordinate reference systems.   

Define subsurface geological targets in a variety of shapes and orientations as well as the formation layers you will be drilling through. 

Build to target

Choose from among a wide variety of parametric build options for building well trajectories through your defined formation layers and for hitting your defined geologic targets. Manage driller's targets based on planned trajectory and associated uncertainty of the well path.  

Interactive 3D viewer

Visualized in a full interactive Web-GL 3D viewer which allows users to navigate and investigate formations, targets and well paths in 3D as well offering results using industry standard plots like plan view, section view, ladder plot, traveling cylinder and more. 

Uncertainty and anti-collision calculations

All uncertainty and anti-collision calculations are available at the push of a button against any nearby offset well or site/field. Specify and upload any error tool code such as MWD, stationary and continuous gyro models among others. All uncertainty and anti-collision calculations follow the latest revision standards described by ISCWSA.

Survey management

Survey management capabilities for registering survey runs, defining your survey plans, and storing your definitive surveys. Perform QA/QC on survey data through industry standard survey management plots and easily view your survey data in real-time against your original principal design. Should you bear of track project ahead using the planning methods and use the 3D view to easily define an intersection point at which to get back on plan.

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