Integration with Cognite and OSDU

Our partnerships with Cognite and Neptune demonstrate Oliasoft WellDesign’s capacity to read and write from and to third party applications.

Oliasoft WellDesign read configuration data, pressure tables, formation data and trajectories from Cognite, created automatic casing designs based on the rules specified by the data, and generated a casing summary ready for export back into Cognite.

Neptune exported subsurface data generated by Petrel into Oliasoft WellDesign to automate well construction. Data including surface location, well path, water depth, air gap, pore and fracture pressure, and geothermal temperature was exported from an ODSU database into WellDesign, where well path, casing design, drilling hydraulics and blowout and kill simulations were performed, automatically, read for export back to Neptune. Efficient and cost effective well design, at the click of a button.