Casing Design

Advanced triaxial stress analysis supporting fully automated well design

The Casing Design module in Oliasoft WellDesign offers a full triaxial casing design solution, supporting load simulations and multi-string analysis from all industry-standard drilling, production, and completion operations. Compliant with all regulatory requirements and compatible with NORSOK, ISO, and API standards. 

  • Design your well with ease using casing catalogs, offering comprehensive support for material, grade, and rating selection. 
  • Apply predefined load cases, custom loads, production and completion loads for full well lifecycle simulations. 
  • Benefit from an intuitive, user-friendly interface that supports both customizable and standardized workflows, ensuring significant time savings and an enhanced user experience. 
  • Explore our automatic design capabilities through automated workflow and rule-based design. 
  • Our Open API framework allows users to extend functionality (as required) through third-party applications. 

Key features

  • Full triaxial casing design
  • Compliant with NORSOK, ISO and API standards
  • Intuitive and user-friendly user interface
  • Customizable workflow
  • Industry standard casing loads generation
  • Unlimited configuration options for packers and cement
  • Handles point loads, anisotropy and asymmetry
  • Automation through rule-based design

Streamlined well configuration design with integrated libraries

Build and design your well geometry effortlessly with our intuitive interface and helpful illustrations, utilizing casing and connection catalogs from our integrated libraries module.

The Oliasoft library provides full flexibility, allowing for precise material definitions and rating calculations compliant with API standards (API 5C3), or defining special ratings or rating envelopes.

Seamlessly integrate Oliasoft libraries with any internal or external database using our accessible Open APIs, ensuring a smooth transition and an efficient work process.

Advanced load simulation capabilities

Secure your design integrity by simulating industry standard loads by designing advanced scenarios with custom loads, adjusting internal, external, and or temperature profiles.

Apply predefined profiles with custom or simulated profiles, offering unparalleled flexibility in generating load scenarios tailored to your specific needs.

Seamless integration of production and completion simulations

Directly apply production and completion simulations from our Temperature Simulator as load cases or by using simulated profiles for predefined loads, multi-string analysis, and APB simulations.

Our Triaxial Casing Design engine adeptly handles point loads, anisotropy, and asymmetry, ensuring accurate calculations.

Streamlined well planning and customized workflows

Save time and standardize your well planning with a customizable workflow. Define load case templates for different sections and tailor load case rules to meet your company's specific requirements. With just one click of a button, generate a complete load picture of the entire well.

Define company and user-specific workflows and result dashboards for standardized design and evaluation. Alternatively, delve into detailed results presented in readable and accessible charts and tables.

Secure well integrity with Oliasoft WellDesign's Annular Fluid Expansion module

Oliasoft WellDesign's Annular Fluid Expansion (AFE) module is engineered to address the challenges posed by fluctuating fluid temperatures during well operations. By accurately predicting fluid expansion and contraction, the AFE module mitigates the risk of well integrity incidents.