Drilling Mechanics

Enhancing your drilling operations through advanced drilling mechanics design and rigorous stress analysis

Oliasoft WellDesign's Drilling Mechanics solution revolutionizes drilling operations by seamlessly incorporating hydraulic, surge & swab, and torque & drag functionalities within a unified application. 

This comprehensive drilling mechanics package supports all essential well construction activities, including drilling, tripping, backreaming, running casing, and completion operations.

Key features

  • Analyse drill string eccentricity and its impact on fluid velocity and subsequent pressure los
  • Assess pressure and temperature effect on rheology and make hole cleaning and cuttings bed predictions
  • Convert rheology from Fann RI13D, RP13 B-1 and B-2, RP10 B-2, and custom apparatus mode
  • Perform torque and drag calculations for all drilling, casing and completion operations
  • A comprehensive BHA editor including motors and other torque and drag generating components
  • Complete buckling and stress analysis including yied and von mises stress

The advanced platform allows precise modeling of dynamic fluid characteristics through user-defined rheology profiles, well-defined drilling fluids, detailed Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) descriptions, precise well geometry, cuttings transport modeling, and accurate temperature profiles. Crucial operational parameters such as Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD), circulating pressures, standpipe pressures, and bit HSI are analyzed and presented in intuitive charts and tables.

Conducting torque and drag calculations involves both soft and semi-stiff-string analyses, predicting hookloads, string tension, string buckling, torque profiles, and stress accurately at any point in the string. The robust WellDesign torque and drag engine not only aids in predicting these parameters but also calculates casing wear by utilizing precise side force outputs derived from an extensive list of predefined well operations. This holistic approach ensures a safer and more efficient drilling experience.

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