Revolutionizing Well Planning with Automatic Design capabilities

Advancing into the future of well planning with Oliasoft WellDesign’s automatic and rule-based design capabilities

In the decisive field of well design and planning, efficiency, accuracy, and reliability are crucial. Traditional methods are prone to human error and time-consuming processes, risking setbacks and higher costs. This use case showcases how Oliasoft WellDesign's advanced automatic design capabilities tackle these challenges, providing a transformative solution that empowers engineers in well planning.


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Challenge: Breaking Free from Traditional Well Planning Workarounds

Traditional well planning involves numerous manual steps, from designing load cases to simulating various scenarios. These processes are time-consuming and require meticulous attention to avoid errors. 

Manual methods can lead to inconsistencies in design standards, resulting in variability across different projects. Ensuring that every design meets industry and company-specific standards is a persistent challenge. 

Additionally, managing and interpreting data from various simulations can be overwhelming, often leading to missed insights and delayed decision-making. Traditional methods also lack the capacity to accurately simulate complex load scenarios, making adaptation to various internal, external, and temperature profiles challenging.

Solution: Automating Well Planning with Oliasoft WellDesign

Oliasoft WellDesign automates the well planning process through comprehensive automation of workflows and rule-based design. By automating repetitive tasks, the software significantly reduces the time and effort required in the planning phase, allowing engineers to focus on more critical aspects of the design process. The system adheres to predefined rules and criteria, ensuring consistency and compliance with industry and company standards. This rule-based approach minimizes human error and enhances design reliability.


  • Efficiency: Automates time-consuming tasks, speeding up the planning process.
  • Consistency: Ensures all designs meet specified standards, reducing variability.
  • Reliability: Minimizes human error through standardized rules.

Automatic Design Processes Explained

Creating Rulesets and Templates

Oliasoft WellDesign allows users to create rulesets and templates for different degrees of automation within the application and the design process. This enables the application of company templates to specific parts of a project, the creation of designs using predefined planning boundaries, or the use of dynamic archetypes to calculate and iterate through hundreds of design proposals.

Modular Design Capabilities

The automatic design capabilities are modular, allowing flexible application of functionality. For instance, a company can set up specific load case templates to be used across the company or on a specific field level. This saves engineers time and ensures designs follow company requirements. Load templates can be customized down to a single input level within each load case.

Setting Up Archetypes/Well Templates

Companies can set up template designs within strict design boundaries, based on existing designs or new inputs, for:

  • Trajectory
  • Well configuration and setting depths
  • Load case templates

This approach enables quick creation of standardized designs, saves time, and prevents errors, keeping the design within standardized boundaries.

Dynamic Rules

Dynamic archetypes allow for full design creation at the press of a button, using calculation engines to analyze inputs and propose alternatives based on predefined rules. Rules for calculating setting depths can be defined based on:

  • Formation layers
  • Formation input/pressures
  • Trajectory parameters
  • Kick tolerance

Load Case and String/Material Selection

Once a setting depth plan is defined, a string priority list per section is applied alongside a predefined load template. This automatically applies and simulates loads on any string/pipe configuration, running through all possible scenarios. Results are summarized, allowing engineers to investigate proposals in detail or let the algorithm determine the optimal configuration based on well integrity and material selection.

Watch the demo showcasing "How to Use Load Templates to add loads to your design"

Future Developments

Oliasoft is continually improving functionality and creating new workflows, such as applying rule templates for trajectory design, field development, and drilling mechanics simulations.

Impact: Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance

After completing the design process using Oliasoft WellDesign's advanced automatic capabilities, teams achieve several key outcomes:

  • A fully validated well design adhering to company-specific and industry standards.
  • Comprehensive documentation encompassing all aspects of the design process.
  • Standardized workflows and templates ensuring consistency and efficiency in future projects.

Key Takeaways

By leveraging Oliasoft WellDesign's automatic design capabilities, well designers can streamline processes, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Oliasoft WellDesign automates workflows, provides advanced load simulation capabilities, and streamlines planning with customizable workflows. These features ensure design integrity, enhance efficiency, and offer unparalleled flexibility, making Oliasoft WellDesign an indispensable tool for well design and planning professionals. Adopting Oliasoft WellDesign leads to consistent, reliable, and efficient well designs, ultimately resulting in safer and more cost-effective operations.

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