Torque & Drag analysis

Advanced drilling, casing and completion operations analysis

Key features

  • Perform torque and drag calculations for drilling, casing and completion operations
  • Full BHA editor including motors and other torque and drag generating components
  • Complete buckling and stress analysis including Yied and Von Mises stress
  • Full 3D view of downhole string analysis
  • Bulk calculation of multiple scenarios based on trajectory and casing design
  • Supports soft and hybrid string analysis

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Torque and Drag functionality generates torque and drag calculations through forensic analysis of drilling, casing, and completion operations

  • Use Oliasoft Torque and Drag to analyze drilling, casing, and completion operations, and assess the impact of predicted loads related to torque and drag in soft and hybrid string configurations. 
  • Calculate torque, drag, including tension, fatigue, buckling, triaxial stress, and side forces at any point of the string for multiple scenarios.  
  • Visualise standard plots including hook load, tension, stress analysis and buckling, and access 3D views of downhole drillstring showing side forces, string clearance and torque and drag levels. 
  • Harness the functionality with the full power of Oliasoft WellDesign to run sensitivity on torque and drag based on a large number of trajectory or casing designs. 
  • Perform torque and drag in real-time operations for stress predictions, and run calculations during drilling to get the optimal views of every stage of the drilling operations process.