Hydraulics simulations

Advanced hydraulics simulation for every well design

With Oliasoft WellDesign’s Hydraulics module incliedes comprehensive functionality for pipe eccentricity, rotation, and cuttings transport, ensuring precise ECD estimation from circulation. The module integrates seamlessly with the thermal simulation module to generate accurate temperature profiles essential for calculations.

Key features

  • Drill string eccentricity and effect on fluid velocity and subsequent pressure loss
  • Assess pressure and temperature effect on rheology, and make hole cleaning and cuttings bed predictions
  • Convert rheology from Fann readings and custom apparatus mode
  • Rich library with BHA components
  • Includes the Newtonian, Bingham Plastic, Power Law and Herschel Bulkley rheology models

Accurately model fluids in any well configuration

  • Accurate Fluid Modeling: Handle any rheology profile in any well configuration.
  • Pressure Loss Modeling: Calculate pressure losses throughout the entire circulating system, encompassing rig setup, pipe string, bit, and annulus.
  • ECD Estimation: Estimate ECD from circulation, accounting for load and transport efficiency of cuttings.
  • Optimization: Optimize bit nozzle sizes for maximum ROP and hydraulic horsepower.

Our hydraulic engines leverage both analytical and numerical finite difference mathematical models to deliver precise responses for circulation, reverse-circulation, drilling, and injection scenarios. 

Additionally, our scalable backend architecture accelerates the resolution of numerical problems, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Unique advantages of using the Hydraulics module

Comprehensive Results

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Hydraulics module enables you to run simulations at various depths along the wellbore in a single run. The results charts feature a slide bar, allowing you to examine pressures at any specific point in the well. Multiple simulations can be executed, saved, and compared on the same chart, facilitating in-depth analysis and decision-making.

Flexible Simulation Options

Run and save multiple simulations to be investigated on a unified chart. This flexibility enhances your ability to compare different scenarios and optimize well design effectively.