Tubing Design

Advanced thermal modelling and multi-string analysis

Oliasoft Tubing Design’s advanced finite volume thermal simulator calculates temperature and pressure development for any well configuration.

Use Oliasoft WellDesign's Annular Fluid Expansion (AFE) module and annular pressure build up (APB) calculations to ensure advanced temperature effects of dynamic systems comply with all regulatory standards. 

Key features

  • Transient temperature and pressure simulation for production, injection, circulation and shut-in scenarios
  • Multi-string analysis including annular fluid expansion and pressure build up
  • Simulation for unlimited nested operations
  • Packer loads on tubing and casing
  • Multiphase flow correlations
  • Specify produced fluids according to PVT specifications or black oil correlations.

Comprehensive Transient Simulation for Multiphase Fluid Operations and Seamless Integration for Enhanced Engineering Workflow

Oliasoft Tubing Design’s transient simulator handles all operations from multiphase fluid production through to tubing and annulus injection, and circulation to shut-in scenarios. 

Our advanced finite volume thermal simulator calculates temperature and pressure development for all annuli - including cement and formations - in any well configuration.

Perform unlimited nested operations to ensure accurate simulations and thermal profile development. Produce transient thermal profiles for use as appropriate across the Oliasoft WellDesign workflow.

Define tubing string design through tailored packer configurations, with temperature simulations linked to casing and tubing load selections.

Simulate annular fluid expansion supporting multiple mitigation effects and other multi-string effects, ensuring designs meet both NORSOK-D010 and BSEE requirements. Our thermal simulator is continually refined in partnership with Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology (IFE).

The Tubing Design module is an integral part of Oliasoft WellDesign, meaning it is seamlessly integrated with other parts of the engineering platform, where design adjustments trigger automatic re-calculations that cascade throughout the system.  

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