Oliasoft empowers engineers with advanced end-to-end engineering software

We pride ourselves on making high-quality engineering software so that engineers can spend more time engineering. Modern software architectures and open APIs are at the core of everything we do, enabling our customers to create their own digital eco-systems and future-proof their operations.

Our first product, Oliasoft WellDesign™, is cloud-native and has open APIs with two-way data communication, and can be your platform for digitizing drilling & well. 

Customers who have switched from legacy software to Oliasoft WellDesign experience up to 80% time savings when designing wells manually. With open APIs, the well planning process can be automated. 

Our approach

Oliasoft is a future-proof solution, ready to adapt to whatever lies ahead. With our modern software architecture and truly open APIs, customers can work towards achieving full automation and integrate with in-house or third party suppliers, enabling them to create their own digital eco-systems to best meet their needs. Data flows seamlessly, unlocking synergies and enabling teams to work more closely together.

Digital technology has transformed the world but it hasn’t yet transformed the energy industry. That's what we do at Oliasoft.

While legacy systems remain trapped in the past, and others lock users into a narrow path, Oliasoft opens a horizon of digital possibilities. Bringing together energy and software experts, Oliasoft builds cutting edge modular software architectures that can be adapted and extended to create completely customized workflows.

Oliasoft catalyzes change in the industry through digitalization

We are a provider of modern well planning and design software enabling better and more efficient work processes for drilling engineers. By combining competence from the hard tech oil industry and the soft tech gaming industry, we develop user centric software that is cloud native, open and flexible.

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Our lead product, Oliasoft WellDesign™, is built with calculation engines and data structure that enable two-way data sharing and flow using open APIs. This enables integration with company specific well and project management software or any 3rd party application.

Founded in 2015, Oliasoft has grown to encompass around 80 dedicated employees and consultants. Our development and engineering efforts are entirely in-house, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation and are undertaken in close collaboration with key industry players like Equinor and Shell. Our team, a dynamic blend of Drilling Engineers, Software Engineers, Mathematicians, Physicists, and Flow Engineers, is complemented by Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing professionals. We are passionate about catalyzing change in the energy industry by crafting impactful, innovative software solutions that are inspired by our commitment to excellence and user satisfaction.

Oliasoft WellDesign is a modern end-to-end engineering platform, offering unparalleled automation and efficiency in well planning & design. It meets government requirements for planning wells for Oil and Gas, in addition to Geothermal and CCUS wells. 

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By combining competence from the hard tech energy industry and the soft tech gaming industry, we develop cloud based, open and user centric software.

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Our customers

Future-proof partnerships

Oliasoft is a great addition for Tullow as we transform our company by adopting digital technologies to accelerate our strategy of increased operational efficiency and growth. Our Well Engineering team diligently tested several technologies before embarking on this exciting and productive partnership with Oliasoft.

Kate Daly, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Tullow Oil

Redefine the future of well planning

Our powerful calculation engines ensure that design changes cascade seamlessly through the system, saving time, reducing costs, and improving safety. And all through elegant web-based interfaces designed by developers with cutting edge gaming industry experience. Together we can redefine the future of well planning.