Our Approach

Embedded in our DNA, our approach ensures we meet current and future industry needs while spearheading innovations. 

It positions our clients for sustained success with future-proof technology and aligns with our mission of catalyzing change.

Modern architecture & truly open APIs

Oliasoft products are built on a modern software architecture, empowering our clients to create a fully integrated digital eco-system, flexible, scalable and tailor-made to their specific needs, at a suitable pace. Our priority is allowing for gradual automation and seamless integration of work processes.

Customer-led product development

Our product development is driven by the valuable feedback and specific needs of our customers. We actively listen to our users, integrating their suggestions for features and functionality into our software.
Our collaborative efforts with major clients include rigorous validation work, ensuring that every calculation and feature meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Future-proofing operations

At Oliasoft, open APIs are not just an add-on but a standard feature across all our products. This ensures that Oliasoft solutions can be effortlessly integrated into any workflow, whether it's your own software or a third-party platform.

Our level of integration grants you unparalleled freedom to customize your digital work processes, both today and tomorrow.

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Research-based innovation

Innovation is at the core of Oliasoft. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, continually advancing our capabilities. Some of our simulators have been developed in collaboration with the Institute for Energy Research (IFE), leveraging the expertise of pioneers behind the groundbreaking OLGA technology. This partnership ensures that our solutions are not only cutting-edge but also grounded in robust research.

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