Collaboration on development with Equinor & Lundin Energy

Oliasoft WellDesign integrates every step in the well design workflow into a single, integrated cloud-based platform, replacing libraries of disparate third-party applications and teams of consultants. Digitization and automation of the well delivery process reduces the risk of human error, improves efficiency and produces optimal well designs.

Our Demo2000 pilot project tested Oliasoft WellDesign under real-time conditions in collaboration with two major industry partners, Equinor ASA and Lundin Energy Norway, both of which contributed financial support and technical expertise.

The project sought to demonstrate Oliasoft WellDesign’s capacity to transform the well design processes followed by major operators focused on the Norwegian Continental Shelf - and those beyond. It tested for:

  • A more intuitive user interface
  • Improved workflow
  • Reduced planning time 
  • Piloting the web application 
  • Piloting of third-party integration through open API's

Demo2000 was a unique collaboration in which industry experts subjected Oliasoft WellDesign to rigorous testing, confirming the platform’s functionality across the full well design workflow.

Subject matter experts from both partner companies evaluated all of the platform’s calculation engines, exposing the software to real-world well design conditions and environments, and thereby providing the verification and quality control necessary for commercialization.

Ready for third-party integration

Third-party applications used by our partners integrated seamlessly with Oliasoft WellDesign, demonstrating our platform’s capacity to drive custom, automated workflows.

Free data flow through seamlessly integrated networks of applications is essential for the digitization of well design. Oliasoft WellDesign is built from the ground up using open APIs to enable machine-to-machine communication between diverse applications. Our platform’s core engineering engine plugs into third-party software networks, service providers and operators’ internal systems.

By integrating Oliasoft WellDesign’s trajectory engine with its FieldAP application, for example, our partner FutureOn ensures that all trajectories and recalculated and displayed instantaneously when platform locations are adjusted, thereby enabling complete early-phase field development planning of wells, subsea structures, and facilities.

See our Automatic Well Trajectory Use Case for more details.

Intuitive user interface

Testers at Equinor and Lundin said Oliasoft WellDesign's intuitive user interface helped new users quickly understand how all modules work, including the platform’s blowout and kill simulator. It’s the design usability effect at work: well designed interfaces increase user motivation and speed up learning cycles.

Read more about our work to continually refine Oliasoft WellDesign’s usability.

More efficient well planning

Oliasoft WellDesign performs all well planning calculations within a single application. With no need to bring in expensive third-party consultants operators can focus on optimizing designs themselves, adjusting parameters to continually refine customized design systems.

‘Iterative design processes with sensitivity analysis like that offered by Oliasoft WellDesign is key for optimizing well delivery.’

Making digital building blocks with Oliasoft WellDesign

Major operators have their sights set on autonomous drilling operations. But it can’t be achieved with old legacy technology. It needs new technology, like Oliasoft WellDesign, offering the building blocks from which operators can construct the modern digitized well design systems they need.

Download the full project summary of Oliasoft's pilot project with Equinor and Lundin.