C02 injection wells capabilities

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) on a grand scale is essential for the energy transition. With its collective subsurface and drilling expertise, pioneered over decades, the oil and gas industry is positioned to drive CCUS forward.

We’ve prepared Oliasoft WellDesign for the challenge. Developed with industry and academic thought leaders, our software offers a fully digitised design environment for any type of well, whether production, injection or exploration, and any type of target, be it oil, gas, water, salt, coal or geothermal.

Oliasoft WellDesign is designed to handle every aspect of CCUS well planning and design, including the storage and monitoring of CO2 in offshore reservoirs; CO2 wells technology; and the re-use of reservoirs and infrastructure. Oliasoft WellDesign’s CCUS technologies include:

  • Thermal simulation with the capability to model injection of single state CO2 (with impurities) as liquid or gas state (including thermal propagation)
  • Multistring analysis with the option to add and remove fluids in any annuli
  • Formation vacuum calculation in annuli when injecting fluids at any temperature
  • Mixing of fluids together in annuli, such as drilling mud and MEG 

Using Oliasoft WellDesign to enable the energy transition

Oliasoft WellDesign draws on the collective knowledge and expertise developed by the oil and gas industry over the past century to offer an integrated cloud-based software application capable of meeting the well design challenges of the future.

Our software is has been built from the ground up in partnership with research institutions and industry experts, ensuring it incorporates the very latest well design functionality. And we’ve made sure it is open to the future, continually extending its capabilities to support the very latest use cases.

That includes CCUS well design. Oliasoft WellDesign uses an extensive library that includes a range of files defining CO2 fluids, both pure and impure. Custom fluid files can be added by uploading an OLGA format tab file or defining a custom fluid composition. Hydrocarbon equations of state are applied when CO2 fluids are defined in the library.

The Tubing Design module’s thermal simulator can be used to select CO2 as the applied fluid for production and injection simulations, and the results used as the initial condition when simulating waiting or shut-in operations by the module’s chained simulation functionality. The thermal simulator has comprehensive liquid CO2 modelling capabilities, including full phase envelopes and the Joule Thompson gas expansion effect.

Multistring analysis functionality includes annular fluid expansion and annular pressure build up, and, in addition to negative fluid expansion, supports the addition and removal of volume from any annulus, both before and after a thermal change.

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Blowout & Kill module supports blowout simulation of liquid CO2 and subsequent kill operations, in strict accordance with industry guidelines.

And we continue to work with our research and industry partners to add new functionality, including implementation of the Span & Wagner model, a full equation of state specific for CO2, and dual phase calculations.