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Seamlessly integrating well design using open and scalable technology

Oliasoft WellDesign breaks new ground by connecting every link in the well planning calculation chain into a seamless cloud engineering software application.

Oliasoft WellDesign’s simulation engines are compliant with industry standards. Its open API connects to third party applications and allows you to design and automate your own well planning ecosystems.

Fully integrated cloud software for well planning


Integrated workflow

All calculations updated according to the latest data. One source of truth with no need for re-entering information. Integration allowing unique automation and optimisation capabilities.


Comprehensive solution

All required well design calculations included and fully documented. Reduce dependencies on consultants. Own every link in the well calculation chain.



Oliasoft WellDesign allows you to unleash the potential of your data. You own the data - it is free to use anywhere, anytime, for any application.



Seamless integration with any third party application allowing custom digital ecosystems. Connect to real time data streams from operations to automatically update designs and monitor critical parameters

Oliasoft WellDesign

  • Complete well engineer toolset based on the latest science – simply replacing today’s complex multitude of tools 
  • Common data model with design automation through rule-based engineering 
  • Truly open and interactable to meet your well planning digitalization needs
  • Fully scalable to real-time operations and digital twins

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Well Expertise
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Well Assist - Powered by Oliasoft

Presenting at IDEC 2021

On June 30th Oliasoft and FutureOn held a joint presentation on IDEC 2021 – Transforming Field Development Planning with Integrated Digital Platforms – demonstrating value with Well Assist.

Integrated Cloud Engineering

Our integrated cloud engineering framework allows you to easily snap Oliasoft WellDesign and third party applications together.  Simply replace todays’ complex suite of tools by seamlessly integrating your well planning workflow.

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