The most comprehensive well planning software available

Oliasoft is proud to present WellDesign™, a powerful software tool for drilling engineers and oil professionals. WellDesign™ simplifies your work processes, enable collaboration for every task required for well construction engineering and automates well planning.

Well Design™ is a cutting edge cloud-based web application with a highly usable interface offering easy access to tools employing algorithms and calculations based on the latest industry research. WellDesign™ includes a powerful manager surveillance system to ensure your wells meet company specific requirements for complex casing and tubing design.

No installation is required, and a free trial is available through our simple registration process.

Complete well construction engineering package

In compliance with NORSOK,
API and ISO standards, and customizable to automate planning according to company specific requirements

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Realtime well integrity monitoring

Oliasoft WellDesign™ integrates seamlessly in a digitalized environment.

Our API enable realtime monitoring by calculating the entire calculation chain during operations, ensuring your safety factors are within limits.

Webhooks to warehouse and accounting systems allows integration of material availability, cost items and powerful optimization functions.

Outputs can generate digital drilling procedures, ready for rig robotics and autonomous drilling systems.

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Trajectory Design

Design well trajectories parametrically based on industry standards. Anti-collision and error modelling based on ISCWSA.

Triaxial Casing design

Full triaxial well design made according to NORSOK, API and ISO standards. Rich materials and load case libraries with full freedom for custom loads.

Tubing Design and HPHT

Based on Oliasoft´s accurate WellTemp™ thermal simulator, simulate tubing and casing loads based on production or injection scenarios.

Blowout and Kill

Calculate stochastically blowout potential and kill performance according to “Norsk Olje og Gass” guidelines with our BlowFlow™ and KillWell™engines

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