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Oliasoft builds cloud-based, open, and user-centric softwarefor well planning. 

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Oliasoft WellDesign™  - redefining the future of well planning

Oliasoft´s lead product, Oliasoft WellDesign, is a modern end-to-end engineering platform, offering unparalleled automation and efficiency in well planning & design.

Future-proofing your operations

Early issue detection

Identify potential blowout problems early, giving your team ample time to prepare effective solutions.

Integrated risk management

Seamlessly managing changes throughout your well design and mitigating blowout risks with our integrated software, ensuring a controlled and systematic approach to risk management.

Enhanced understanding & ownership

Foster deeper understanding and ownership within your well delivery team, balancing production opportunities with potential risks for better decision-making.

Time and cost efficiency

Perform clear in-house analyses to save on consultancy fees and reduce wait times. When external advice is needed, ask precise, informed questions.

Oliasoft WellDesign Modules

Oliasoft WellDesign is a complete well engineering toolkit, fulfilling all requirements and simulations in the well planning process.

A soft catalyst for hard change

Oliasoft offers a future-proof solution, ready to adapt to whatever lies ahead. With our modern software architecture and truly open APIs, customers can work towards achieving full automation and integrate with in-house or third party suppliers, enabling them to create their own digital eco-systems to best meet their needs. Data flows seamlessly, unlocking synergies and enabling teams to work more closely together.

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By combining competence from the hard tech oil industry and the soft tech gaming industry, we develop cloud-based, open, and user-centric software.