Oliasoft WellDesign

Fully integrated cloud software for optimised well planning and autonomous drilling operations

Oliasoft WellDesign breaks new ground by connecting every link in the well planning calculation chain into a seamless cloud engineering software application.

Our calculation engines are fully compliant with industry standard well integrity regulations. Oliasoft WellDesign’s open API works with any third party application, freeing you to design and automate your own well planning ecosystems.

Fully integrated cloud software for well planning


Integrated workflow

All calculations updated according to the latest data. One source of truth with no need for re-entering information. Integration allowing unique automation and optimisation capabilities.


Comprehensive solution

All required well design calculations included and fully documented. Reduce dependencies on consultants. Own every link in the well calculation chain.



Oliasoft WellDesign allows you to unleash the potential of your data. You own the data - it is free to use anywhere, anytime, for any application.



Seamless integration with any third party application allowing custom digital ecosystems. Connect to real time data streams from operations to automatically update designs and monitor critical parameters

Oliasoft WellDesign modules

Oliasoft WellDesign organises the well calculation chain into six modules

Trajectory Design »

Design well trajectories parametrically based on industry standards - anti-collision and error modelling based on ISCWSA

Casing Design »

Advanced triaxial casing design allowing fully automated well design

Hydraulics & Surge & Swab »

Advanced calculation of pressure losses through the entire circulating system

Torque & Drag »

Ensures forenstic torque and drag calculations through rigorous analysis of drilling, casing and completion operations

Tubing Design »

Advanced thermal modelling and multistring analysis for any well configuration

Blowout & Kill »

The only commercial solution performing stochastic blowout and dynamic kill calculations according to all industry guidelines

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Latest news

Kristiansand Boring og Brønn 2020 The Benefits of Investing in Modern Well Construction Tools

Sustainable Future for Drilling & Well

Oliasoft has been invited to support the industry with our experience regarding sustainable software solutions for the future. “What are the benefits of investing in a modern well construction tool?”

Blowout & Kill webinar


In this free Webinar, Thomas Selbekk, a well control engineer with
experience from several blowouts worldwide, will introduce you to the theory behind blowout & kill simulations and how to perform these in Oliasoft WellDesign.

Oliasoft ONS Tecnical Session 2020

Oliasoft was handpicked to speak at ONS 2020

The agenda for the Technical Session at ONS 2020 was how to improve the well delivery by improving planning and by taking advantage of digitalization and automation. Oliasoft was one of the handpicked companies to present our solution in this context.

Integrated Cloud Engineering

Oliasoft’s Integrated Cloud Engineering framework allows you to snap our modules and third party applications together like Lego bricks. Design custom solutions for fully autonomous drilling operations.

Graphic illustrating integrated cloud engineering concept

Oliasoft WellDesign use cases

We’re always working to make Oliasoft WellDesign as open and adaptable as possible – view proven use cases developed with our partners and customers »

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We’re looking for skilled software engineers, customer relations and business development professionals excited by the challenge of changing the oil and gas industry through digitalisation – learn about our culture and view our latest opportunities »

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