Introducing Our 2024 Summer Interns

The Oliasoft Team
We are thrilled to welcome eight talented summer interns to our Oslo office this year. They are working on various projects, gaining valuable experience, and immersing themselves in the Oliasoft culture. To help you get to know them better and to share their experiences so far, we asked our interns a few questions about their backgrounds, motivations, and aspirations. Here's what they had to say about their journey with us so far.

Henrik Remmen

Software Development Intern | B.Sc Electrification and Digitalization | NTNU Trondheim

Can you talk about a collaborative project with your team and your role in it? 

This summer the development interns are tasked with creating a dashboard for the internal dashboard for the company. The dashboard will showcase different statistics and plots showing how the company is doing within different areas of development. My role in the project is working on the front-end of the dashboard together with Kristian.  

What has been the most rewarding experience during your internship, over the duration of your time at Oliasoft? 

The most rewarding part of my internship so far has been getting an insight into the company, and getting a feel for how the industry works. I feel that I am gaining valuable experience that I will use throughout my career. 

What skills have you gained or improved during your time at Oliasoft? 

I have gained skills withing front-end web development how to set up your project and work in an efficient way.  I have also gained communication skills, setting up meetings and finding ways to work with other employees to find the best way of solving problems. 

Linn My Le

Software Development and Strategy Intern | M.Sc Industrial Economics and Technology Management | NTNU Trondheim

How does this internship fit with your career goals? 

This internship at Oliasoft aligns perfectly with my career goals in industrial economics and technology management. It provides a hands-on opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired during my studies. By working on projects that integrate data analytics, software development, and business strategy, I aim to strengthen my proficiency in these areas. In addition, contributing to Oliasoft's market expansion efforts will broaden my understanding of global business dynamics. This internship will therefore equip me with practical experience and insights that will support my long-term career aspirations in technology-driven industries. 

Can you share some details about the projects you will be working on this summer as an intern at Oliasoft?   

This summer, I am working on creating an internal dashboard for the employees at Oliasoft, aiming to make it useful for various stakeholders. We will collect relevant data and business analytics from the company, and then create visualizations tailored to different contexts. In addition, I have been involved in business, sales, and marketing activities, and contributing to the development of Oliasoft’s new go-to-market (GTM) strategy for scaling up, mainly in North America. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Oliasoft? 

I enjoy the dynamic and collaborative environment at Oliasoft, where innovative solutions are developed for complex challenges in the energy sector. Interacting with diverse teams and professionals including leaders, developers, customer success, and product owners enhances my perspective and learning, providing insights into both technical intricacies and strategic decision-making processes. With the various responsibilities through my internship, I find it fulfilling to contribute to projects that directly improve efficiency and decision-making within Oliasoft, significantly enhancing both my personal and professional growth. 

Collaborative environment

I enjoy the dynamic and collaborative environment at Oliasoft, where innovative solutions are developed for complex challenges in the energy sector.

Linn My Le, Software Development Intern

Alexandra Myrestrand

Sales and Marketing Intern | B.Sc Business Administration | University of San Francisco

What do you enjoy most about working at Oliasoft? 

What I enjoy most about working at Oliasoft is that we are valued and treated like real employees. As a sales and marketing intern at Oliasoft, the aspect of my internship that I find most enjoyable is the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the projects I'm involved in. From day one, I've been given the opportunity to work on real projects that drive the company's growth, rather than just observing from the sidelines. This hands-on experience has been incredibly educational. This level of responsibility has allowed me to develop my skills, add to my toolbox, and see the tangible results of my contributions, which is incredibly rewarding. Additionally, the workplace environment is incredibly enjoyable, with open and welcoming colleagues who make coming to work a fun experience. The confidence in my abilities has enabled me to work independently, while also providing a supportive environment where help is always accessible. 

Can you describe the projects you're working on? 

This summer, I am engaged in a diverse array of tasks. Our responsibilities range from identifying potential companies for the sales team, which is crucial for expanding our client base and driving sales growth,  to creating content for the company's LinkedIn and website. This provided me with an opportunity to interact and gain an understanding of how other departments within the company operate. Additionally, I am a part of an intern team that assists in a new Go-To-Market operation. Where I mainly focus on external lessons for successful GTM​ motions. This variety ensures a dynamic and enriching experience. 

Kristian Jensen

Software Development Intern | B.Sc Computer Science | University of Agder

What motivated you to apply for an internship at Oliasoft initially, and what inspired you to return for another summer?  

I applied for an internship at Oliasoft to gain practical experience and learn new things. I returned for another summer because I enjoyed the last internship and I feel very supported by the team, wanting to make new friends and continue to grow my skills. 

Can you describe a technical challenge you encountered during your time at Oliasoft and how you solved it? 

At Oliasoft, I faced many different small coding problems that sometimes took days to solve. One challenge was adapting to feedback on my code. I spent a lot of time fixing issues that others pointed out, which helped me improve my coding skills and write cleaner, more efficient code. 

What has been your best experience or memorable moment during your internship at Oliasoft so far?   

My best experience during my internship at Oliasoft has been working with different teams and enjoying the diverse challenges we tackled together. I've also made great friends on summer parties, which has made the journey even more fun and memorable 

Håkon Rikheim 

Software Development Intern | M.Sc Computer Science | NTNU Trondheim

Can you share some insights about the projects you will be working on this summer as an intern at Oliasoft? 

The project for this summer was to create a platform that gives a deeper insight into business analytics from the company. The task was to gather relevant requirements from stakeholders, before we built and iterated through our solution to make the product as useful as possible. The solution was a personalized dashboard, where you can sort, and filter different metrics based on what you want to investigate. 

What aspect of your internship at Oliasoft do you find the most interesting? 

It is exciting to be responsible for the entire development process. Especially the beginning where we held stakeholder interviews with different users throughout the organization and then tried to please everyone’s needs. It was a challenging task, but at the same time, through the interviews, we got to experience the changes and simplifications it could do for the users in their day-to-day work. 

What is your favorite place in Trondheim, and why? 

Nothing beats a sunny day at Bakklandet with the beautiful cobblestone rode, cozy cafes, old tree houses, and bars along the notorious Nidelven!!

Rebekka Stangvik 

Software Development Intern | M.Sc Computer Science | NTNU Trondheim

How have you been challenged during your time as an intern at Oliasoft? 

The project we received was not too specific, allowing for flexibility in our approach. It was challenging to narrow down the scope, but I believe we did a great job in meeting the different requirements of all the stakeholders.  

What aspects of software development do you find most exciting, and why? 

The opportunity to be innovative and create solutions that can genuinely impact people's lives is meaningful to me, and I also find it exciting to explore the new technologies that constantly emerge in software development.  

What’s a fun fact about you that not many people know? 

I've actually been to the school where they filmed the High School Musical movies. It was probably the most starstruck I've ever felt in my life!

Amalie Strømsnes

Sales and Marketing Intern | MA (Honours) International Relations and Management | University of St. Andrews

What motivated you to apply for an internship at Oliasoft initially, and what inspired you to return for another summer? 

My initial motivation to apply for an internship at Oliasoft stemmed from my interest in the intersection of technology and business, particularly within the oil and gas sector. The innovative software environment at Oliasoft appealed to me as I aspire to contribute to the future of the energy industry through technological advancements. Working with Oliasoft's highly skilled and impressive team highlighted the transformative potential of technology in the business world. The team members are not only impressive but also foster an environment with room for growth and opportunities to shape your own role. As an intern, I felt that my contributions were valued and impactful, making me feel like an integral part of the team.  This inspiring and supportive environment motivated me to return for another summer. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of your internship during your time at Oliasoft? 

The most challenging aspect of my internship at Oliasoft has been trying to understand the specific needs and market of our specialized product. Oliasoft caters primarily to engineers, and without a background in engineering or software, I found it difficult to fully grasp the technical aspects and requirements of our customers. This challenge, however, has also been a significant learning opportunity, pushing me to develop a deeper understanding of the industry and improve my ability to communicate effectively with technical professionals. 

Marcus Nordal

Software Development Intern | M.Sc Infomatics | NTNU Trondheim

Can you share some details about the projects you will be working on this summer as an intern at Oliasoft?

We will focus on enhancing an internal dashboard utilized by Oliasoft employees. Our objective was to make the display beneficial for various stakeholders, including developer teams, customer success, and product owners. We'll collect data on bugs, tasks, and user activity, then create visualizations tailored to different contexts. The technologies involved in this project include React, Azure Tables, and PowerBI.

What do you enjoy most about working at Oliasoft? 

I would highlight the level of freedom and responsibility we have as interns. We are addressing an issue that impacts many Oliasoft employees. There's a lot to learn, and we oversee the entire process from identifying the problem to implementing a solution. This involves conducting interviews with stakeholders, defining requirements, and developing a comprehensive plan for the project. 

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