Murphy Oil chooses Oliasoft WellDesign™ to streamline well planning processes

OSLO | HOUSTON, May 6th, 2024 – Murphy Oil, a leading energy corporation, announces its partnership with Oliasoft and the adoption of Oliasoft WellDesign™, a cutting-edge well planning software, to enhance its well design capabilities and streamline workflow processes to achieve strategic objectives.

Murphy identified the need for new well planning software to increase user engagement and streamline design workflows. With a focus on template-style designs and the ability to perform "what if" analyses without redesigning entire wells, the company aims to reduce well design cycle time while aligning with its strategic goals. After careful consideration, Murphy has chosen Oliasoft WellDesign for its innovative features and seamless integration capabilities. 


Murphy recognized the importance of investing in advanced well planning software to optimize operations and drive efficiency. Oliasoft WellDesign stood out for its simplicity of use, robust features, and exceptional support, making it the ideal choice.

Early experiences with Oliasoft WellDesign have been overwhelmingly positive. Users have found the software's user interface easy to navigate, and the support provided during the learning phase has been exceptional.

As Murphy continues to integrate Oliasoft WellDesign into its operations, user feedback on future workflow improvements is welcomed, ensuring continuous refinement and optimization of the software's capabilities.

We are delighted to welcome Murphy to the Oliasoft community. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower our customers to optimize their operations and drive value and success. We look forward to collaborating closely with Murphy and delivering value through Oliasoft WellDesign.

GAUTE HÅNSNAR, Business Development Manager, Americas at OLIASOFT AS

About Murphy Oil Corporation

Murphy Oil is a global energy company engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas resources. With operations spanning multiple continents, Murphy Oil is committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions and driving innovation within the industry. For more information visit

About Oliasoft

Oliasoft is a global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company enabling digitization and automation through sophisticated cloud engineering software. We are a pioneering provider of modern well planning and design software dedicated to catalyze change for the future of the energy industry. By combining competence from the hard tech oil industry and the soft tech gaming industry, we develop cloud-based, open and user-centric software.  

Our pioneering product, Oliasoft WellDesign, works as a catalyst providing seamless integration between existing systems and people. This enables automatization in a true and future-proof way. 

For more information about Oliasoft WellDesign and its features, please visit our product page. 

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