Oliasoft is Announcing an Extended Contract with Equinor

Equinor extends collaboration with Oliasoft and sign a new three-year contract for Oliasoft WellDesign

Oslo, Norway – July 2, 2024 – Oliasoft is pleased to announce that Equinor has extended and expanded its contract for the use of Oliasoft WellDesign™ and has entered a new three-year agreement. The renewal underscores the successful collaboration between Oliasoft and Equinor in digitizing the well planning workflow and the drilling and well value chain. The collaboration has also demonstrated successful integration between Equinor’s internal well planning system, Wellcom, and Oliasoft WellDesign, along with other third-party systems.


Testament of trust

We are very happy to continue our collaboration with Equinor and be a part of their digital transformation journey in well design. This extension is a testament to the trust Equinor has in our capabilities and our shared vision for a more efficient and automated well planning process.

André Backen, CEO of Oliasoft

Planned Well Design: Revolutionizing Well Planning

During 2022, Equinor launched its innovative module, Planned Well Design (PWD), within its Planning and Reporting software, Wellcom. PWD invites planning engineers to input detailed descriptions of upcoming wells, including casing types, setting depths, fluid, and cement information. Combined with subsurface data, this comprehensive dataset forms the well design basis, which can be shared with internal and external software through Equinor’s API portal.

Recognizing the need for a flexible engineering calculator to enhance efficiency, Equinor selected Oliasoft in 2021 as the main provider for engineering calculations and simulations in the well planning process.

Validation and Integration Success

Equinor is an early adopter of new technology and has worked closely with Oliasoft to ensure reliability and accuracy of engineering results. Equinor's subject matter experts have dedicated significant effort to validate the Oliasoft WellDesign calculation engines, which Oliasoft is grateful for and thank Equinor sincerely for the substantial effort. The collaboration has made Oliasoft WellDesign into the leading end-to-end engineering tool integration for well planning and it will serve as the natural platform for digitizing Drilling & Well. Work is ongoing to finalize Equinor’s internal qualification process of Oliasoft’s WellDesign modules.

Enhancing Equinor's Digital Ambitions

Oliasoft WellDesign has been fully integrated into the Equinor ecosystem, allowing engineers to perform their tasks more quickly, efficiently, and safely. By leveraging Oliasoft’s modern technology, data sources can be connected efficiently, enabling automated workflows and iterative design processes. This integration supports Equinor’s digital ambitions, paving the way for future innovations, and facilitating earlier decision-making for well portfolios.

Looking Ahead

Oliasoft and Equinor are committed to further enhancing automated workflows and integrating advanced engineering calculators with Equinor’s databases and systems. This continued collaboration aims to drive the future of well planning and design, ensuring greater efficiency and safety in operations.

For more information, please contact:

Tina Wang, Head of Marketing & Communications, Oliasoft | +47 986 14 167 | tina.wang@oliasoft.com 

André Backen, Chief Executive Officer, Oliasoft | +47 908 79 707 | andre@oliasoft.com 

About Oliasoft and Oliasoft WellDesign  

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