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Oliasoft WellDesign is a complete well engineering toolkit, fulfilling all requirements and simulations in the well planning process. All our modules are interconnected through a modern software architecture that automatically calculates each step in the well design process. Data flows seamlessly between every module, eliminating any need to input data manually at any stage.

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Complete engineering platform

Oliasoft WellDesign offers a modern end-to-end engineering platform, providing unparalleled automation and efficiency in well planning and design.

Future-proof innovation

Oliasoft WellDesign is built on a modern software architecture, distinguishing itself from outdated legacy systems. This enables seamless integration between existing systems and people, allowing for full automation and ready to adapt to what lies ahead.

Improved collaboration

Unlock synergies with systems that communicate seamlessly, automatically giving every user access to the same information, promoting efficient cross-functional teamwork.

How Oliasoft WellDesign Compares

WorkflowLegacy softwareIntegrated cloud software
Collection of input data (G&G, PPFG reservoir, targets, lithology etc.)Manual input after export from G&G/Reservoir software (e.g. Excel, text)Open API communication enables seamless data import from other software and databases
Drillability study (Iterate multiple surface locations, trajectories, and designs)Drilling engineers design each well trajectory separately, and iterate designs many times with different template surface location positionsAutomated well trajectories and optimized selection of surface location based on rule set criteria (MD, TVD, DLS, etc.)
Casing & Tubing DesignManual casing design in stand-alone software and calculators. Separate software for casing design and temperature simulations (tubing)Automated casing design based on rule set criteria (MD/TVD, PPFG, material specification, load calculations, safety factors etc.)
Wellbore engineering, drilling mechanics. Torque & drag, hydraulics, surge & swab)Calculators and simulators in separate softwareAll calculations and simulations integrated in the same software
Blowout and kill simulationsNot availableBlowout and dynamic kill (PVT support and transient multi-phase flow simulations) integrated in the software
Carbon, capture and storage (CCS/CCUS)Not availableAbility to simulate CO2 injection wells
User experienceClassic desktop software interface, old design choices often requiring experienced user to use all the functionality. Local installation (on server or computer) of all the different software packages requiredWeb browser based and user friendly interface. Intuitive and circular workflow between design modules. No installation required and all modules, calculators and simulators available in one single interface
Work time in softwareBetween one and two weeks to perform a full well designPotential savings measured at 60-80 % on time spent in the software. A full design can be performed in less than a day

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Oliasoft WellDesign onshore well specific capabilities

Oliasoft WellDesign can be used equally for offshore and onshore well planning

End-to-end engineering platform

Oliasoft WellDesign is a modern end-to-end engineering platform, offering unparalleled automation and efficiency in well planning & design.

Empowering our customers with Truly Open APIs

Explore how our truly open APIs can revolutionize your digital work processes

At Oliasoft, open APIs are not just an add-on; they are a standard feature across all our products. This ensures that Oliasoft solutions can be effortlessly integrated into any workflow—whether it's your own software or a 3rd party platform.

Explore how our open APIs can revolutionize your digital work processes today and adapt effortlessly to tomorrow's challenges.

Integrated workflow through automation

In the realm of drilling and well planning, the future belongs to those who innovate. Oliasoft WellDesign is built on a cutting-edge software architecture, setting it leagues apart from outdated legacy and lock-in systems.
Our platform enables seamless integration and full automation across all stages of well planning and design.