Oliasoft WellDesign

Fully integrated well planning and automonous drilling operations

Oliasoft WellDesign breaks new ground by connecting every link in the well planning calculation chain into a seamless cloud engineering software application.

Our calculation engines are fully compliant with industry standard well integrity regulations. Oliasoft WellDesign’s open API works with any third party application, freeing you to design and automate your own well planning ecosystems.



Perform automated well planning and dramatically increase iterations - use the power of our Integrated Cloud Engineering engine to optimise well designs and minimise the possibility of over-design



Send Oliasoft WellDesign calculations to third-party applications to automate offshore drilling equipment - integrate planning and operations to develop fully digital environments


Real-time data

Receive real-time data directly from drilling rigs - iterate calculations to monitor and ensure drilling operations are performed according to industry regulations

Integrated well planning software

Oliasoft WellDesign organises the well calculation chain into six modules

Trajectory Design »

Design well trajectories parametrically based on industry standards - anti-collision and error modelling based on ISCWSA

Casing Design »

Advanced triaxial casing design allowing fully automated well design

Hydraulics and Surge & Swab »

Advanced calculation of pressure losses through the entire circulating system

Torque & Drag »

Ensures forenstic torque and drag calculations through rigorous analysis of drilling, casing and completion operations

Tubing Design »

Advanced thermal modelling and multistring analysis for any well configuration

Blowout & Kill »

The only commercial solution performing stochastic blowout and dynamic kill calculations according to all industry guidelines

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