Streamlining directional well planning using Oliasoft WellDesign

Oliasoft WellDesign is a complete well engineering toolkit, fulfilling all requirements and simulations in the well planning process. All modules are interconnected through a modern software architecture that automatically calculates each step in the well design process making it easy to iterate design alternatives.

Take advantage of modern software technology and cloud computing with intuitive user interfaces, seamless sensitivity calculations and automated template/rule-based design capabilities. 

Additional features relevant for onshore and directional drilling

Pad SelectionAt Oliasoft, we know that optimum pad location is not only about the ability to hit all the targets but also to hit the targets with trajectories that are drillable and within the torque and drag limits. With Oliasoft WellDesign, a well planner can automatically create the optimum pad location using our state-of-the-art heat map along with the trajectories.  A well planner can also fine-tune each well path while the drilling engineer can check the associated torque and drag, and hydraulics. 
Directional Well Planning 

While we at Oiliasoft believe in factory drilling and planning, we still give our clients the ability to plan a well through the traditional method. A geologist can log in to Oliasoft WellDesign and define geological targets and formation tops. The well planner can then use the traditional planning methods to hit, intercept, align on and/or penetrate targets at desired entry angels. 

With wells in a lease getting denser and denser, Oliasoft has not forgotten about the anti-collision (AC) and its importance in avoiding any NPT due to collision. Oliasoft WellDesign offers the ability to filter offset wells using different criteria and run the anti-collision calculations according to the latest revisions of ISCWSA. Company guidelines can be uploaded and displayed in AC reports.   

Rule-based casing design 

With a customizable workflow you can save time and standardize your well planning. Define load case templates for different sections and customize load case rules based on company requirements so that a full load picture of the entire well can be generated by the press of one button.

Go one step further and create rulesets for calculating setting depths or define setting depth templates for standardized template design creation.

Torque and DragOliasoft WellDesign´s Torque & Drag engine equips the engineer with flexible and powerful sensitivity capabilities. Any input to the calculation has sensitivity options with any step size you want, meaning you can produce your traditional broomstick plots. It also means that the engineer can investigate the effect of different variations to running string including BHAs, completion strings and casings. Furthermore, Oliasoft WellDesign offers sensitivity on the trajectory. This becomes particularly valuable when strategizing for drilling extended horizontal sections, where slight adjustments in BHA or trajectory can be pivotal. Performance is not an issue since such simulations will be run on our servers. Ultimately it does not matter if you run one or one hundred simulations as our servers adapt accordingly.   

A stuck pipe can greatly add to well NPT and it might lead to well and string loss. Among the main causes of a stuck pipe, hole cleaning is the most prevailing one.  

With long lateral and high dog legs, a cuttings bed tends to be formed on the low side of the hole resulting in an array of problems from high ECD to stuck pipe to difficulty running casing. With Oliasoft WellDesign hydraulics, the engine recommends the minimum flow rate to eliminate the cutting bed while ensuring the ECD is between the pore and fracture window. Oliasoft WellDesign offers an integrated method to combine temperature simulations and hydraulics enhancing the precision of the calculations.

Completion DesignWith the completion of the well making up the higher percentage of the well delivery cost and time, Oliasoft WellDesign equips the engineers with the ability to simulate different completion operations and easily apply their associated thermal effects to any exposed string. The engineers can simulate typical completion operations such as production, injection shut among others. The completion engineer can then view the associated loads in detail through industry standard charts and figures such as VME, Axial, Differential pressure explore mitigation options like applied annulus back up pressure.  
Libraries  Fluid libraries provides the ability to store and maintain drilling fluids in libraries full on PVT capabilities. It is also possible to add several rheologies for the same drilling fluid.

A complete trajectory engineering and data management system

The Oliasoft WellDesign well trajectory design functionality is a fully fledged trajectory engineering and data management system designed using new software technology. The trajectory module offers full functionality to plan and model well trajectories in an interactive and intuitive user interface as well as survey management during and after operations. Concurrently, you can simulate and manage your anti-collision risks following all industry standards as described in the latest revisions from ISCWSA. Define subsurface formations and targets and plan your well using a wide range of building functions all through an interactive 3D interface and all standard industry plots. Explore our automatic well trajectory designs and error modelling through the Oliasoft API and connect to real-time data for real-time monitoring of well paths.

Robust triaxial casing design system aligned with industry standards and customizable workflow

Oliasoft WellDesign´s casing design module offers a full triaxial casing design system compatible with NORSOK, ISO and API standards. Our flexible engine handles point loads, anisotropy and asymmetry. Use predefined load cases compliant with all industry standards and generic load cases with options for custom loads. External loads and temperature profiles can be selected for each load case. Adjustments to parameters anywhere in the calculation chain trigger automatic recalculations throughout the well design workflow. Our open API framework allows users to extend Oliasoft WellDesign’s functionality as required to third party applications.

Enhancing your drilling operations through advanced drilling mechanics design and rigorous stress analysis

Oliasoft WellDesign's drilling mechanics module revolutionizes drilling operations by seamlessly incorporating hydraulic, surge & swab, and torque & drag functionalities within a unified application. This comprehensive drilling mechanics package supports all essential well construction activities, including drilling, tripping, backreaming, running casing, and completion operations.

The video demonstrates a standard workflow in Oliasoft WellDesign. It provides a guided tour of Trajectory Design, Casing & Tubing Design, Temperature Simulations, Drilling Mechanics, and Blowout & Kill highlighting the smooth integration among the various modules. Users can effortlessly conduct simulations within one module and directly utilize the results in another.