Automatic casing design

Oliasoft WellDesign can process multiple drilling and well planning simulations, allowing users to quickly assess variations. WellDesign’s open APIs allow users to put our powerful calculation engines to work inside their own, custom designed system: 

  • Equinor Wellcom uses Oliasoft WellDesign Casing and Tubing Design APIs to automate early phase design
  • FutureOn uses WellDesign’s Trajectory API to enhance the functionality of their FieldAP application
  • A major US operator uses WellDesign’s Wear and Thermal APIs to empower their own application

Use Oliasoft WellDesign’s APIs to connect data repositories and develop custom databases, libraries, logistics and accounting systems. Case studies include:

  • Custom Cognite and OSDU systems in which data is imported into WellDesign from CDF, and returned once simulations have been performed
  • Internal databases in which RTD documents holding all necessary input information for well design have been digitized
  • Libraries into which customers have integrated their own casing inventories.