Tubing Design

Advanced thermal modelling and multi-string analysis

Oliasoft WellDesign Tubing Design is built on an advanced finite volume thermal simulator able to calculate temperature and pressure development for every well configuration.

The functionality supports multistring analysis – including wellhead growth and annular fluid expansion – ensuring analysis of advanced temperature effects of dynamic systems compliant with all industry standards.

These simulations integrate with the functionalities of the rest of Oliasoft WellDesign , adjustments in other modules triggering re-calculations that update tubing design calculations automatically.

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Key features

  • Transient temperature and pressure simulation of production, injection, circulation and shut-in scenarios
  • Multi-string analysis including annular fluid expansion and wellhead growth
  • Simulation for unlimited number of nested operations
  • Packer loads on tubing and casing
  • Multiphase flow correlations
  • Automatic phase envelope generation from PVT specifications


Advanced thermal modelling and multi-string analysis

Oliasoft Tubing Design’s transient simulator handles operations from multiphase fluid production through tubing and annulus injection, and circulation and shut-in scenarios.

The simulation model is built on an advanced finite volume thermal simulator able to calculate temperature and pressure development for any annuli, cement and formations, in any well configuration. 

Tubing Design allows unlimited nested operations, ensuring accurate simulations of every individual operation, and thermal profile development. The transient thermal profiles it produces can be used in any other applicable Oliasoft WellDesign functionality.

Tubing string design can be defined through a variety of packer configurations, with temperature simulations linked to casing and tubing load selections.

Annular fluid expansion with a range of mitigation effects, and wellhead growth and other multistring effects can be simulated, ensuring designs are compliant with both NORSOK-D010 and BSEE requirements.

The thermal simulator is continuously developed and refined in cooperation with the leading Norwegian research institution Institute for Energy Technology (IFE). IFE is at the forefront of international energy research, and developed OLGA, an industry-leading multiphase engine later acquired by multiple private companies.

Oliasoft Tubing Design API

Integrate third party applications with our API and open up the power of automation:

  • Full REST API support
  • Powerful and scalable backend support for multiple simoultanous simulations
  • Supports all import, export and recalculation features
  • Automation routines and integration with third party systems

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