Trajectory Design

A complete trajectory engineering and data management system

The Trajectory Design module in Oliasoft WellDesign lets you make multiple planned versions of any well trajectory, with full revision tracking and bulk management of wells, fields and areas. Trajectory Design supports all standard well path and positioning mathematics and error modelling, and anti-collision functionality based on the latest ISCWSA revisions.
Perform automatic well trajectory design and error modelling through the Oliasoft API, and connect to real-time data for real-time monitoring of well paths.

A complete trajectory engineering and data management system

The Oliasoft Well Trajectory Design functionality is a fully fledged trajectory engineering and data management system designed using new software technology.

Trajectory Design can be operated from any any modern standards compliant device and browser, allowing easy access to your data and designs, and effortless collaboration with colleagues.

It offers full Web-GL 3D realtime rendering of trajectories and industry standard plots like traveling cylinder, section and plan view, ladder plots and more. All in an easy to use interface.

Trajectory Design supports a wide range of parametric build options for building well trajectories, allowing import of survey lists and integration with third party systems.

Key features

  • Access anywhere and collaborate with colleagues
  • Full parametric build capabilities including automatic trajectory design
  • Full anti-collision and error modelling
  • Web-GL 3D realtime rendering of trajectories
  • Oliasoft WellDesign offers full REST API support
  • Return trajectories, error ellipses/ellipsoids and covariance matrix in JSON format
  • Survey management and visualisation
  • Real time visualisation of operational path vs planned path
  • Full trajectory and anti-collision reporting

Fully integrated cloud-based application for well engineering

Shaping the future of well planning