Casing Design

Advanced triaxial stress analysis allowing fully automated well design

Oliasoft Casing Design offers full triaxial casing design compatible with all industry standards. 

The Casing Design functionality includes predefined load cases meeting all regulatory requirements, as well as custom loads.

It offers full machine-to-machine capability, enabling calculations to be integrated with third party solutions. And you can define advanced internal and external pressure profiles, fully integrated with temperature and production simulations.

Casing Design screenshot

Key features

  • Full triaxial casing design
  • Advanced internal and external pressure profiles
  • Full support for all custom load cases
  • Safety factor for all dimensions
  • Unlimited configuration options for packers and cement
  • Automation through rule-based design


Oliasoft Casing Design

Oliasoft Casing Design allows fully automated well design and material selection based on specific rules through both the Oliasoft API and the module interface.

The functionality offers full triaxial casing design compatible with NORSOK, ISO and API standards. The engine can handle point loads, anisotropy and asymmetry.

Oliasoft Casing Design has predefined load cases for all authority requirements, as well as generic load cases and options for custom loads. External loads and temperature profiles can be chosen for each load case.

All calculations integrate seamlessly with all other Oliasoft WellDesign functions and any third party application.

Adjustments to influential parameters anywhere in the calculation chain trigger automatic recalculation. 

Oliasoft Casing Design Module API

Integrate third party applications with our API and open up the power of automation:

  • Full REST API support
  • Powerful and scalable backend support for multiple simoultanous simulations
  • Supports all import, export and recalculation features
  • Automation routines and integration with third party systems

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