Integration with Keystone SmartHub

Well planning and drilling operations present a formidable logistical challenge: so many stakeholders in so many companies needing access to the same project data, results, and strategy. Work processes are divided between teams in different operators, generating all kinds of communication issues.

Producing and maintaining the Detailed Operational Procedure (DOP) document that steers drilling and operations takes a lot of time, and costs a lot of money. Bringing together oil and gas, service and rig companies to design and follow a shared data model is a challenge that digitization of the well design workflow can solve.

But today’s legacy well design software just isn’t flexible enough to bring everything together. Applications that can only handle part of the workflow have to be bolted together, impeding the flow of data. 

A seamless digital workflow, from well design to implementation

Oliasoft WellDesign changes the game, integrating every step in the well design workflow within a single cloud-based software platform.

Consider the seamless digital workflow made possible by seamless integration between Oliasoft WellDesign and Keystone SmartHub. With the two applications connected through a secure API, well designs developed in Oliasoft WellDesign can be exported to Keystone SmartHub at the click of a button. Once loaded into SmartHub, designs can be transferred to Keystone Procedure to generate a detailed digital DOP precisely tailored to specific project requirements. The DOP can then be transferred back to Oliasoft WellDesign where it can be reviewed and enhanced as required using WellDesign’s powerful automated simulation engines. 

Big workflow efficiency gains

Produce digital DOPs seamlessly with Oliasoft WellDesign:

  • Input data only once, eliminating the risk of error through time-consuming manual input data entry into several applications
  • Transform collaboration between project stakeholders, especially in the challenging early project phases
  • Allow drilling crews to adjust designs through a seamless digital workflow
  • Save time and money, improve safety, and minimize environmental impact

Oliasoft and Keystone’s tightly integrated, fully customized workflow replaces manual work processes, allowing users to test multiple alternative designs as they close on the optimal design solution.