Oliasoft WellDesign selected by Equinor for its next generation digital well planning solution

Oliasoft and Equinor enters into a long-term agreement deploying Oliasoft WellDesign (OWD) into the daily drilling planning and integrating it into Equinor’s digital well planning application, WellCom.

OWD is a cloud based well design engineering software, seamlessly providing data collection, modelling and simulations in a unified environment. The simulation engines are compliant with industry standards and, with Open API’s, connecting to third party applications and ecosystems to achieve integrated planning and automation.

Oliasoft has worked closely with Equinor to deliver and validate the required capabilities, including unique thermal simulation requirements for CO2 injection wells. “New technology is required to achieve digitalization and allowing for collaboration, extensive automation and easy integration across applications. It has been exciting to work closely with Equinor’s many subject matter experts to validate OWD capabilities and to see how it can create value as part of digital well planning workflows” says Oliasoft Chief Product Officer, Jim Strand.

Digital well planning encompasses the entire design and planning process of a well, from feasibility to the drilling operations. Through integrated operations and use of modern and innovative digital technology, the aim is to plan and drill wells significantly faster, but also safer and more environmentally sound. Access to fast and automated simulation capabilities play an important part of this well planning process.  To meet the many engineering requirements posed by a diversity of well types requires flexible simulation engines as the basis for the well construction process.

“Oliasoft is excited for this opportunity and is proud to see our technology integrated into Equinor’s drilling workflows.  Equinor is at the forefront of adopting technology for digitalization. The agreement is a testament to the 6 years of development efforts and technology choices we have made. We look forward to continuing the open and fast-moving cooperation with Equinor to scale and harvest the many digitalization gains that Oliasoft WellDesign offers through fast, open and science-based calculations” says Oliasoft CEO, Andre’ Backen.

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