Real-time Capabilities

Taking engineering calculations historically limited to planning phase into operations

Instead of leaning on “worst case” scenarios from the planning phase, decisions can be made during operations. Oliasoft supports a range of real-time use cases, such as:

  • Realtime trajectories
  • Realtime anti-collision
  • Realtime casing design (safety factors, kick tolerances)
  • Realtime blowout & kill simulations
  • Realtime torque & drag, hydraulics, surge & swab

When a well is set up in Oliasoft WellDesign, an “as drilled” version of the well can be automatically created. Engineering components of this well can then be calculated in real-time. Current use cases for real-time capabilities of Oliasoft WellDesign:

  • Realtime trajectory calculations
  • How far from planned trajectory is the actual trajectory 
  • How to get back on plan (project to target)
  • Realtime anti-collision (separation factors)
  • Realtime updated casing/tubing design calculations (safety factors)
  • Realtime updated blowout & kill results

Oliasoft WellDesign can be connected to a real-time data stream from the operation to automatically update the design and monitor critical design parameters.

Nabors Industries are using Oliasoft WellDesign APIs to do real time anti-collision and error modelling that enables their automated drilling suite to provide updated real-time statistical safety factors. Thus minimizing the probability of collisions with existing adjacent well-bores.


The video below show driller's target, relief well and real-time capabilities

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