Integration of Oliasoft WellDesign® and Keystone Smarthub and Procedures

Two leading software solutions demonstrate the modern digitized infrastructure


Manual work processes and lack of data sharing

Planning of wells and drilling operations have many stakeholders in different companies needing access to the same project data, results, and plan. The outcome of a planned well design is a detailed operational procedure (DOP) which is the steering document written for the driller and operations on the rig. Normally, the work processes and transfer of data and results are locked in silos between and within companies leading to manual and time-consuming tasks.

The well design software dominating the market today cannot export proper data and results and have general shortcomings when it comes to integrating with other software applications. The DOP need to be processed from scratch, before manually updating it according to the plan. In addition, if the DOP is created in a system where data is not easily transferred the distribution to the rig can pose a challenge. 

Getting oil and gas, service, and rig companies to cooperate in a common data model so that everyone is updated on the latest change is a challenge that digitalization can solve.


Creating a seamless digital workflow from well design to DOP

A proof of concept was developed by Oliasoft and Keystone, where the objective was to create a seamless digital workflow from designing wells to DOP.

The concept is wells fully designed in Oliasoft WellDesign, including all simulations and calculations required before drilling a well. The well design is seamlessly exported by API connections to Keystone Smarthub at the click of a button. In Smarthub the well design is coupled with Keystone Procedure (rig specific parameters) to generate the detailed digital DOP using predefined company specific templates. The next step is Smarthub transferring the operational procedures back to Oliasoft WellDesign. This will serve as input to potential design enhancements and updated re-simulations and re-calculations.


Significant workflow efficiency gains

The benefits of the integration of digital DOP’s and Oliasoft Well Design:

  • Ensuring single data input and eliminates manual input data entry and the same data being entered several times
  • Increasing workflow efficiency for making DOP’s
  • Facilitating proactive cooperation between company, contractors, and service companies especially in the early project phases
  • Allowing the drilling crew to consecutively follow up changes to a plan.

The Oliasoft-Keystone integration replaces manual work processes and allows for evaluation of a multitude of alternative designs and for optimization towards operational input and performance on topics such as time and cost, and environmental performance.

The integration is currently being piloted on real projects and data by a major oil and gas company.

Video showcasing how the integration and data transfer looks like

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