Location co-ordinates plugin

Plugin for sending location coordinates for automated well trajectory calculations


The customer wanted to quickly scope out optimal solutions at an early phase in the project while still evaluating field development concepts. This objective required two steps:

  1. Automate well trajectory design for early phase planning projects, using a surface location and set of targets.
  2. Automate a full well design based on a set of rules specific to the field (rule based design).


The customer created a plugin for the reservoir simulator application it was using. The plugin sent surface location coordinates and target location coordinates through the Oliasoft WellDesign API for automating well trajectory calculations.

A set of rules for how to generate the well trajectory was also sent in the same request i.e. ‘do not allow angles above a certain level in formations x, y, z.’

The trajectory (or trajectories) were streamed instantly back to the plugin, allowing the user to pick the one most suitable for the project and perform a fully automated well design through the Oliasoft API.


The customer’s internal team used Oliasof’s documented API to integrate calculations into their native application, supported by Oliasoft developers.

Oliasoft/FutureOn interface

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