Integration with internal software application of major U.S. oil company

How Oliasoft WellDesign's calculation engines integrated with internal software application


The customer wanted to:

  1. Reduce planning time by 90% by automating well design calculations
  2. Iterate through hundreds of scenarios to optimise its well design


The U.S. Major used internal resources to integrate Oliasoft calculation engines directly into an internal custom application. The internal software application retrieves required parameters from a reservoir model and feeds Oliasoft WellDesign’s engines with a set of input parameters.

The results are instant and streamed back to the company’s internal application for evaluation. If the well design does not have satisfactory safety factors the software will iterate through multiple variations of casing string types to a achieve a quality result.


The comany’s team used Oliasoft’s documented API to integrate calculations into a native application.

Oliasoft’s technical documentation, together with extensive testing and validation was used to qualify the solution for use.

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