Integration with Cognite and OSDU

Oliasoft can read and write from and to third party applications

Two-way synchronization is only possible with truly open and modern technology partners such as Cognite:

1. Oliasoft reads configuration data, pressure tables, formation data and trajectories

2. Oliasoft creates automatic casing designs based on company rules

3. Oliasoft exports casing summary back into Cognite/CDF

As part of Neptune’s digital initiative, Oliasoft is working on a data integration project to use subsurface data from Petrel for well construction automatically

Neptune wish to be able to  – by the click of a button – export this data via the OSDU database to Oliasoft WellDesign

This is data such as surface location, well path, water depth, air gap, pore and fracture pressure and geothermal temperature. Oliasoft WellDesign will use this input data to create well path, casing design, perform drilling hydraulics and blowout and kill simulations, and will return the data back to Neptune

This will be a great step forward in making the well design process more efficient, effective, precise and cost saving

The video below show fetching and sending data from/to Cognite:

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