Automatic casing design

Automate any engineering calculations using Oliasoft API

Drilling and well planning simulations can be performed in bulk, enabling evaluation of countless variations and alternatives. Equinor Wellcom uses Oliasoft WellDesign Casing and Tubing Design APIs to automate early phase design.

A common example is when a third party orchestrator wants to:

  • Use any of Oliasoft´s calculators inside their own system
  • Wants to automate any calculation as part of its own workflow
  • Complete its own offering

Examples in use by other third party orchestration applications:

The same API´s are used when Oliasoft GUI users need integration with data repositories. Cognite, OSDU, internal databases, libraries, logistics or accounting systems are ongoing and continuous examples of such integrations. Oliasoft has been involved in numerous integrations in this manner:

  • Cognite (retrieve necessary input data from CDF, perform simulations and return results back into CDF)
  • OSDU (same as above)
  • Internal databases (some customers have digitalised their RTD. This document holds all necessary input information for well design). No manual input by users 
  • Libraries (some customers have integrated their own casing inventories)

See how Oliasoft WellDesign automates casing design

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