Wellplan™ facilitates triaxial casing stress analysis with transparent models for burst, collapse, axial and the Von Mises Equivalent triaxial stress.

Wellplan™ offers complete freedom of choice regarding utilisation of published methods or proprietary models for service loads, including temperature effects, buoyancy, ballooning, bending, buckling and crossover expansion.

The metallurgical calculations necessary for grade selection are included in an innovative new user interface, complete with actual properties data from the all the major tubular producers with regards to resistance to CO2 and H2S. All standard charts and tables are readily available, in addition to useful drag and drop features and the ability to easily share designs with colleagues.

Wellplan™ is optimised for established work flows used by drilling engineers. The carefully designed user interfaces places buttons and input parameters logically, in clear view. The predefined simulation cases included are specifically designed to meet current regulatory requirements, together with relevant standards including the NORSOK D-010, ISO/TR 10400:2007 and API.

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