TDE Digital and Oliasoft® launch collaboration to promote the integration between their software solutions

TDE Digital and Oliasoft are pleased to announce the launch of their collaboration to promote the integration of Oliasoft WellDesign®, a fully integrated, end-to-end well engineering design tool, with tde plan’s metrics-driven well-planning application.

tde plan is based on two decades of wells data experience from more than 60 000 drilled wells in tde proNova. The data is structured into detailed operational sequences as part of a unique well operations library from which a well design can be translated into the granular operational steps required from spud to completion, a digital drilling operational procedure (DOP). This is further enhanced with category management and emissions tracking data to produce empirical benchmarks such as time-depth-cost-carbon (TxDxCxCO2).

Oliasoft WellDesign covers all calculations and simulations required to design and validate a well. A single, modern, and user-friendly application providing an integrated, end-to-end well planning and design tool, fully in compliance with government regulations and industry standards. Oliasoft WellDesign has the potential to profoundly change the way wells are designed and planned within the energy industry. It is at its core a cloud based, open data system, allowing for integrations with data systems and applications through open APIs. Furthermore, it enables the automation processes necessary for the full digitalization of the drilling and well universe. Oliasoft WellDesign has the potential to deliver greater customer value when interconnected with other modern software architectures, such as tde plan.

Creating value through combined use of Oliasoft WellDesign and tde plan

The synergies realised with the Oliasoft WellDesign and tde plan integration enables users to consider the operational impact of different well designs, including various rig deliveries, at an early stage of the design process. This allows for an iterative analysis on the impact on time and cost, operational risk and CO2 emissions. With the automation capabilities within Oliasoft WellDesign, numerous well alternatives can be evaluated rapidly, and design choice sensitivities can be evaluated regarding operational risks based on tde plan’s operational data.

The integration allows engineers to review numerous potential well plans to find the optimal solution, thereby substantially reducing the time used for well planning tasks and processes from weeks to hours.

In the operational planning phase, the detailed sequenced data from tde plan is the basis for the drilling plan and generation of the rig action plan or detailed operational program (DOP), authorization for expenditure (AFE) and emissions estimates.

During operations, the interaction between tde plan and Oliasoft WellDesign can enable seamless updates to the design and consider the impacts of operational changes during drilling.

Our operational experience shows us that some of the largest operational improvements in drilling can be achieved at the design and planning phase. Combining the powerful capabilities of Oliasoft WellDesign with tde plan offers new capabilities to drilling engineers in their well planning processes

Neil Enright, Chief Executive Officer at TDE Group

The integration of Oliasoft WellDesign with tde plan is a testament to the superiority of the open technology of modern software solutions. It allows for the free exchange of data for processing and analytic purposes. In addition to saving engineering time and cost, the integration will enable efficient and effective analysis of numerous well alternatives automatically, leading to a consistently better well delivery

André Backen, Chief Executive Officer at Oliasoft
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