Security Policy

Protecting our users' data

We take security seriously, implementing best practices and employing people from the National Security Authority (Norsk sikkerhetsmyndighet) to ensure the absolute reliability of our software.

  • Our services use cookies for tracking session data and authentication for users of our web sites and products.
  • We use Google Analytics for tracking user behaviour on our web sites.
  • We store a minimal amount of users information, at most limited to user names, emails and phone numbers.
  • No user data is shared with any third parties.
  • No payment information or similar are stored on our main website or product sites.
  • All our services use strong encryption for communication between our servers and client computers.
  • Users are authenticated and authorised using user names and passwords.
  • User access is tracked on a per user and per organisation basis.
  • Passwords are never transferred in clear text.
  • Passwords are never stored in any form (not in clear text, not encrypted).
  • Authentication uses strongly salted non-reversible password hashes.

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