Security Policy

We take security seriously. We implement all “best practices” and employ people from the National Security Authority (Norsk sikkerhetsmyndighet) in order to be Best-in-Class with regards to security.

Below are our legal promise:

  • Our services use cookies for tracking session data and authentication for users of our web sites and products
  • We use Google Analytics for tracking user behaviour on our web sites
  • We store a minimal amount of users information, at most limited to user names, emails and phone numbers
  • No user data is shared with any third parties
  • No payment information or similar are stored on our web- or product sites
  • All our services uses strong encryption for communication between our servers and customer’s computers
  • Users are authenticated and authorised using user names and passwords
  • User access is tracked on a per user and per organisation basis
  • Passwords are never transferred in clear text
  • Passwords are never stored in any form (not in clear text, not encrypted)
  • Authentication uses strongly salted non-reversible password hashes