Say hello to our summer interns! 

During these special times, we feel honored to bring eight summer interns on board – resulting in a 25% increase in the company’s staff over the next six weeks.

Thea, Fredrik, Kristian, Jon Magnus, Elsie, Anne Marte, Selena, and Konrad have a high diversity of competences and will contribute with new skills and knowledge across our various disciplines here at Oliasoft. We are very excited to work together with these talented students in shaping the future of well design.

To get to know them better, we asked them some questions…

Thea Bergh

Software development Intern | MSc Cybernetics and Robotics | NTNU Trondheim

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

I applied to the position at Oliasoft because it seemed exciting to work in a fast-growing company that works closely with the industry and research institutions. I also found it very interesting and ambitious that they were working on autonomous drilling operations. I want to contribute to and learn more about that development, as it will be important for the future of the oil industry.

What has been most challenging this far?

The most challenging part so far has been to understand the well design and drilling processes well enough without having studied these fields before. Luckily, we have many knowledgeable colleagues who have taught us a lot already, and they are always ready to answer our questions.

Elsie Backen Tandberg

Data Science Intern | MSc Applied Physics and Mathematics | NTNU Trondheim

What are your projects this summer?

This summer my job is to test the kill section of the software. In order to do so, I am learning how to use visual studio code. I like the fact that I am allowed to see and work with the code and math behind the app. Considering the technical side, I find it exciting to get to look at the actual C++ code used.

What has been the best experience this far?

The best part is definitely the social part. The company has expanded since last summer, and I found it exciting to meet so many new people. All the summer interns are amazing, and I love to hang out with them both during the daytime and after work. The best experience so far was the summer party. We had a great summer party where all the summer interns and the whole company participated, I sure had an incredible evening.

Jon-Magnus Rosenblad

Data Science Intern | Mathematics with Informatics | University of Oslo

What are your projects for the summer?

 I’m working on various problems in geometry and numerical optimization applied to coordinate system conversion and well trajectories. In this project, I get to apply my geometric intuition and theory about numerics to challenging problems. I also learn a lot about many different applied topics such as map projections and computational geometry.

What has been the best experience at Oliasoft so far this summer?

It is always a wonderful experience when things work, and even better when they can be greatly simplified. One of the first projects I worked on had an opportunity to be generalized in an elegant way. By generalizing the optimization of curve trajectories to be independent of the curve, I was able to avoid rewriting the same type of code many times over for all the different curve types. 

Kristian Hole Jensen

Software Development Intern | Online Course in Machine Learning | Coursera

What has been your best experience so far?

Getting to know all these nice new people that I didn’t know before. Our first week we were invited to the company’s summer party where we got to know all our new colleagues. This is something that I think was a great initiative and I had a great time.

What are your projects and goals for the summer?

I am working with the user administration system, which I also did last summer. Furthermore, I try to further develop my programming skills when it comes to programming. Here at Oliasoft I work closely with very skilled and helpful programmers which makes it easy for me to ask questions and gain new knowledge about IT and data.

Fredrik Jenssen

Software development Intern | MSc Computer Science | NTNU Trondheim

What are your projects for the summer?

We are making a web application that looks at historic well data. With this application, we are trying to visualize and predict certain formations and drilling strategies.

In which ways do you get to apply and develop your skills during this internship?

The project encompasses everything from databases to backend and frontend. I get to apply everything I have learned on technologies and development methods from previous work and university courses. I also get to work on my teamwork skills and to draw on the experience of Oliasoft’s developers.

Selena Remmen

Marketing Intern | BSc Information Management for Business | School of Management | University College London

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

As I’ve had a great experience interning for Oliasoft in previous years, I decided to reapply for the Sales and Marketing Internship this year too. In particular, the work experience I’ve gained has been valuable to me as a joint IT and management student. This is because I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn how to translate relevant theory into practice.

What is the most interesting part of your internship?

As Oliasoft is currently getting ready for commercialization and I have been a part of the company for the past three summers, I think it’s particularly interesting to see how all contributions impact and prepare the company for the official launch of WellDesign. In terms of my personal experience, I think it’s really interesting to see how digital marketing works in a more conservative industry.

Anne Marte Høviskeland

Marketing Intern | MSc in Business Analytics | BI Norwegian Business School 

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

I applied for the internship because I wanted to experience working in a startup and to be a part of this exciting phase Oliasoft is going through at the moment. I chose Oliasoft because of the impressive level of software development, and the opportunity to gain knowledge about digital perspectives in the oil and gas industry.

What have you found most interesting about working at Oliasoft so far?

The most interesting thing is probably working in a completely different way than I am used to from the studies. Normally, whenever I face a problem I know which book to look it up in. At Oliasoft, there is not always a given answer or a straight forward approach, so I have to use my skills to research for information and discuss it with my colleagues in order to find good solutions. Fortunately, they are all extremely smart and helpful!

Konrad Skogen

Marketing Intern | MSc Strategic Marketing Management | BI Norwegian Business School

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

I applied for the position at Oliasoft because I find it really interesting how they are challenging the oil and gas industry with an innovative and digital product. It was also appealing to be a part of a startup environment and to work with very competent colleagues from several different disciplines.

What has been the best experience so far?

The best experience for me has been how Oliasoft has involved us, interns, in the firm. All the people working here have welcomed us with open arms, and they make sure that we feel like part of the team. We have also been given a lot of freedom when solving our tasks, allowing us to try our own approaches and methods.

In 2019, Oliasoft had five thriving summer interns.

Read more about them here.

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