Presenting at IDEC 2021

Joint presentation with FutureOn on IDEC 2021

On June 30th Oliasoft and FutureOn held a joint presentation on IDEC 2021 – Transforming Field Development Planning with Integrated Digital Platforms.

During this conference, we had the pleasure of demonstrating the recently launched integration, Well Assist – Powered by Oliasoft, which has been established as a solution made possible by API integration with FutureOn’s FieldTwin, in collaboration with FutureOn. 

As the value of open and integrable applications becomes increasingly apparent, Oliasoft is often asked to present our solutions and the possibilities inherent in our software – Oliasoft WellDesign. 

The integration represents the beginning of an emerging wave of new and demonstrated uses made possible by integrations and digital ecosystems consisting of pure cloud software vendors – capable of delivering functionality and value that enhances performance and delivery and creates synergies across domains by providing data and insights at the intersection of different applications.

Want to experience seamless well planning workflow?

To have all calculations performed in one application, improved collaboration, communication and to be freed from spreadsheets and manual adjustment and inputs? 

Request free trial of Oliasoft WellDesign for a trial period or book a bespoke demo for you and your team with one of our well planning experts.

Request a demo to witness Oliasoft WellDesign

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