Torque and Drag

Forensic drilling, casing and completion operations analysis

The Oliasoft WellDesign’s Torque and Drag functionality generates torque and drag calculations through forensic analysis of drilling, casing and completion operations.

Perform torque and drag calculations with soft and hybrid string analysis to predict loads accurately. Use the Oliasoft API to conduct friction factor calibration and torque and drag calculations in real time.

Make automatic torque and drag calculations and run iterative torque and drag analysis on multiple well and string configurations.

Key features

  • Perform torque and drag calculations for drilling, casing and completion operations
  • Full BHA editor including motors and other torque and drag generating components
  • Complete buckling and stress analysis including Yied and Von Mises stress
  • Full 3D view of downhole string analysis
  • Bulk calculation of multiple scenarios based on trajectory and casing design
  • Supports full soft string, hybrid and stiff string analysis


Forensic drilling, casing and completion operations analysis

Use Oliasoft Torque and Drag to analyse drilling, casing, and completion operations, and assess the impact of predicted loads related to torque and drag in soft string, stiff string, and hybrid configurations. Calculate scenarios including tension, fatigue, buckling and triaxial stress.

Torque and Drag supports full soft string, hybrid and stiff string analysis, and can calculate torque, drag, buckling and side forces at any point of the string for multiple scenarios. 

Visualise standard plots including hook load, tension, stress analysis and buckling, and access 3D views of downhole drillstring showing side forces, string clearance and torque and drag levels.

Harness the functionality with the full power of Oliasoft WellDesign to run sensitivity on torque and drag based on a large number of trajectory or casing designs.

Our API allows integration with any third-party software for automation or integration with other external or internal calculation engines. 

Perform torque and drag in real-time operations for stress predictions and friction factor calibration. Run calculations during drilling to get the optimal views of every stage of the drilling operations process.

Oliasoft Torque and Drag API

Integrate third party applications with our API and open up the power of automation:

  • Full REST API support
  • Powerful and scalable backend support for multiple simoultanous simulations
  • Supports all import, export and recalculation features
  • Automation routines and integration with third party systems

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