Martin Buus Jensen

Chief Product Officer, Oliasoft WellDesign

'Having the opportunity to shape and develop the tool I wanted as a drilling engineer allows me to create greater value by solving similar problems for an entire domain within an entire industry.
This, and my amazing team, is why I look forward to work every day.'
Chief Product Officer, Oliasoft WellDesign​

From the perspective of a drilling engineer, how does Oliasoft WellDesign® change the way we work?

Oliasoft WellDesign provides the drilling and completion engineers with all the tools they need to quickly run through all required calculations necessary without having to move data manually between applications and team members.

Casing/Tubing design, Blowout & Kill simulations, Torque & Drag, Hydraulics, etc. all use the same input, hence changing critical inputs like pore and frac pressure will instantly be re-used in calculations throughout the application. Using an integrated tool like Oliasoft WellDesign allows engineers to run through countless well concepts in a short amount of time compared to the more traditional and disconnected way of working.

The software is web-based and enables the engineers to share the URL to a specific task/result they are evaluating to get rapid feedback from colleagues/SMEs. With proper workflows, engineers from multiple disciplines can work on the same design at the same time. This has the potential to improve the way we are working in a typical well-delivery process.

Who is Martin, and how did he manage to get ­­­­position as CPO at Oliasoft?

I started my carrier in the oil and gas industry at Norske Shell back in 2010. Since then, I worked as a Drilling Engineer in several oil and gas companies and was lucky to work in various positions such as Well Planning, Offshore Drilling Engineering, and Drilling Supervisor on the Norwegian continental shelf, which made me aware of the importance of digitizing well planning and execution.

When the opportunity to take the product lead as CPO of Oliasoft WellDesign came along I had to be a part of a bold team solving the task of developing a complete and integrated cloud-based engineering tool for well planning. I started my position early in 2021 and have never looked back.

What is unique about Oliasoft WellDesign®?

Oliasoft WellDesign® connects all well planning calculations in a cloud engineering software capable of machine-to-machine communication via open APIs.

Capabilities include rule-based engineering for automating well design processes and can be integrated with other software (e.g., reservoir / geo-mechanical tools). Short term, I believe this is where the industry will get the most significant improvements in the optimization of field development and well planning, especially the quality assurance of the well design work processes.

 What is next for Oliasoft WellDesign®?

Continue extending Oliasoft WellDesign and expand our portfolio of modules and applications to increase our client’s efficiency and support the extract use of all available data to help them digitize their well-delivery process, all the way from the early planning phase until the plug and abandonment.

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