Advanced calculation of circulating pressure losses, including surge & swab

With Oliasoft WellDesigns Hydraulics and Surge & Swab you can accurately model fluids with any rheology profile in any well configuration.

The functionality incorporates pipe eccentricity, rotation and cuttings transport, and handles ECD estimation from circulation.

Use the effect of buckled string from Oliasoft Torque and Drag analysis for pressure drop calculations. The functionality connects to the thermal simulation module to produce accurate temperature profiles as a basis for calculations.

Hydraulics and Surge & Swab screenshot

Key features

  • Drill string eccentricity and effect on fluid velocity and subsequent pressure loss
  • Assess pressure and temperature effect on rheology, and make hole cleaning and cuttings bed predictions
  • Convert rheology from Fann RI13D, RP13 B-1 and B-2, RP10 B-2, and custom apparatus mode
  • Use with our Torque and Drag function for hole cleaning and pressure drop considerations
  • Rich library with BHA components
  • Includes the Newtonian, Bingham Plastic, Power Law and Herschel Bulkley rheology models


Accurately model fluids in any well configuration

Oliasoft WellDesign’s Hydraulics and Surge & Swab allows you to accurately model fluids with any rheology profile in any well configuration. The module supports BHA design, wellbore cleaning, surge & swab and integrated load cases.

Model pressure losses through the entire circulating system, including rig setup, pipe string, bit and annulus.

Handle ECD estimation from circulation with cuttings load and cuttings transport efficiency. Optimise bit nozzle sizes for maximum ROP and hydraulics horsepower, and surge & swab calculations for full BHA, completion, and casing strings.

The hydraulic engines combine analytical and numerical finite difference mathematical models to predict accurate responses for circulation, reverse-circulation, drilling, and injection.

Our scalable backend architecture lets you solve numerical problems, faster.

Oliasoft Hydraulics and Surge & Swab API

Integrate third party applications with our API and open up the power of automation:

  • Full REST API support
  • Powerful and scalable backend support for multiple simoultanous simulations
  • Supports all import, export and recalculation features
  • Automation routines and integration with third party systems

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