Blowout & Kill simulation

Integrated blowout and kill simulations meeting industry standards

The Oliasoft WellDesign Blowout & Kill Simulation is the only commercial software that performs stochastic blowout and dynamic kill calculations according to the latest industry guidelines.

The  integrated workflow automatically updates changes and results through the entire dataset and makes it easy to see how changes in the design affect blowout and kill results.

Create probabilistic blowout simulations by expressing all reservoir zone parameters by probability distributions and identifying subsurface data uncertainties

Blowout and Kill Simulations screenshots

Key features

  • Stochastically limit blowout duration by incorporating probabilities for well kill mechanisms
  • Zero derivative and finite volume dynamic kill methods
  • Automated model selection based on well configuration
  • Full probabilistic event model compliant with latest guidelines and NORSOK D-010
  • A variety of inflow models, such as oil, gas, fractured reservoirs, and explicit definition of PI and IPR
  • Multiple reservoir definitions for both two-phase oil & gas and gas condensate fluid characteristics


Oliasoft Blowout & Kill simulation

The Oliasoft WellDesign Blowout & Kill simulation allows you to accurately determine the blowout potential of a well design.

Oliasoft’s Blowout & Kill simulation engines are developed in cooperation with IFE. The engines are capable of simulating dynamic kill rates for various kill operations. This includes pumping through existing drill string or through a relief well intersecting the blowing well at a chosen depth, combining the static head of a kill fluid with frictional pressure losses.

The Oliasoft Blowout functionality is the only commercially available solution capable of performing stochastic blowout calculations according to the new guidelines from the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (Norsk Olje & Gass).

It can also be used to verify that oil companies drilling in the United States are compliant with API standard 53 regulated by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

The engine allows users to express all reservoir zone parameters by probability distributions, maintaining the uncertainty related to the subsurface data, enabling probabilistic Monte Carlo simulations.

It generates a probability range covering P10, P50, P90, Minimum, Maximum and Mean scenarios, and a cumulative distribution function (CDF-curve). This allows users to analyse different scenarios and investigate the effect reservoir parameter uncertainty has on the blowout and kill rates, and it allows the users make an optimized yet safe casing design instead of overdesigning the well as a result of uncertain and in some cases, unrealistic reservoir parameters.

Oliasoft’s Kill simulation engine calculates both upper and lower kill limits using zero-derivative and advanced finite volume methods, presented in industry standard formats to determine if the kill operation can perform – preferably – through one injection point.

The numerically predicted results produced by a kill simulation will be a ‘kill program’, providing the pump pressure and pump power required to kill the chosen scenario using predefined kill mud weight and kill rate in addition to dynamic plots visualizing the downhole pressure and flow rate, pump pressure and power, kill rate and mud consumption, and fluid distribution in the well during the kill operation.

Oliasoft’s technology infrastructure allows simulations to be performed client side, or server-side for computationally heavy scenarios.

Integration of other modules enables automatic recalculation of blowout and kill when changes are performed at any point in the calculation chain.

Additionally, by integrating the blowout and kill simulations into the well planning software, the drilling engineer will always have control over every choice being made regarding inputs and settings related to the simulations. 

The time it takes to complete the blowout and kill simulations will also be reduced, making it possible to optimize the well design through a high number of iterations investigating different design options and hence, potentially reducing the number of overdesigned wells.

New feature in the Blowout & Kill

Our latest update in Blowout & Kill is the “parallelization option” – a feature that gives the user the opportunity to run a large number of kill simulations by the push of one button.

Oliasoft Blowout & Kill Simulation API

Integrate third party applications with our API and open up the power of automation:

  • Full REST API support
  • Powerful and scalable backend support for multiple simoultanous simulations
  • Supports all import, export and recalculation features
  • Automation routines and integration with third party systems

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