Oliasoft was handpicked to speak at ONS 2020

The ONS Festival in Stavanger is a biannual event that gathers industry leaders, key decision makers and thought leaders to share insight into the future of the oil and energy industry. ONS is both an exhibition and a conference, and the ONS Technical Sessions is the leading arena for technologists to share information, highlight innovation and gain competitive advantage through new solutions.

For this year’s ONS, Oliasoft was out of over 370 applications invited to speak at the Technical Sessions. The topic we were invited to discuss was “How well delivery can be improved substantially by improved planning and by taking advantage of digitalization and automation”. Unfortunately, the ONS 2020 was cancelled due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, but Oliasoft has elaborated on these topics as we believe that in any downturn it is even more important to look for optimized solutions to make our industry competitive. 

Each ONS event has a main theme which helps set the agenda for the discussions at the conference. The main theme for ONS 2020 was Together. This theme represents Oliasoft in many ways. Digital technology enables integrated platforms, information sharing and eventually automated operations. Oliasoft believes that digitalization (and and integrable technology) will bring the industry closer together so that both service companies, operators and rig companies can join forces for better business.  

Oliasoft has developed Oliasoft WellDesign, a modern cloud-based web application, including all mandatory calculations to plan a well, all in one integrated software. The integration enables automation and optimized well designs that will improve well delivery substantially. Drilling engineers will be able spend their time on analyzing and assessing optimized designs, instead of manual input of data.

In order to digitize the oil industry, Oliasoft believes in modern software solutions with open API’s, enabling seamless machine-to-machine communication with any other software that would bring value to all parties in the industry. 

By utilizing our open API, it is possible to send output from Oliasoft WellDesign together with drilling procedures and instructions to an automated drilling system on the rig. Real-time data from the operation can also be received seamlessly through the API, to automatically recalculate the design and to monitor the actual well to ensure safe operations. 

Oliasoft WellDesign can be the calculator behind other applications or it can share data with the G&G software and connect the oil and gas value chain. Oliasoft WellDesign is already connected with FieldAP from FutureOn and GeologiQ as well as Cognite CDF. Oliasoft is working with Microsoft to become fully OSDU compliant and our data model for Drilling & Well will soon be a part of OSDU.  

Digitalization enables a wide range of different use cases which is not possible with current legacy systems. Learn more more about our very exciting projects that bring together both operators and other service providers. 

Downturns and difficult times have always made the operators turn to the service companies for better and more optimized solutions to be able to stay competitive. Covid-19 is no exception and Oliasoft believes that by providing a digital software solution for well planning, the operators will do better business.

Read more about the ONS Technical Sessions here https://www.ons.no/technical-sessions/


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