Oliasoft voted a top 10 startup at 2019 Offshore Technology Conference

Oliasoft was voted among the industry’s 10 most promising startups at the Rice Alliance Startup Roundup at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2019.

This year’s event attracted more than 40 investment groups and corporate innovation teams that came to meet with a record high of 60 startups. Oil and gas companies that took part included Anadarko, Chevron, and BP. Major service providers including Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, and NOV also took part.

Almost half of the startups this year are headquartered outside of the US, encompassing 10 different countries, both of which are also new highs that reflect the international draw of both OTC and the startup roundup. An estimated 300 people took part in the event, which ended up drawing so much interest that overflow tables for face-to-face meetings were set up in the meeting room’s hallway.

Brad Burge, Managing Director of the Rice Alliance, said: ‘It was the toughest competition we’ve had in order to get here to present.’

Oliasoft CPO Jim Strand said: ‘Oliasoft is proud to see that that the industry is recognising the need for modern software applications with machine-to-machine capabilities. Modern applications like automatic well planning, realtime optimisations and autonomous drilling iperations, will allow companies in the energy sector to reach their digital objectives.’

Read more on the Journal of Petroleum Technology website.

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