Oliasoft product development update

We haven’t published much news the last few months, but a lot of things have happened on our end.

During ONS in August 2016, we visited a lot of companies and showed them what we’ve been up to for the last year. We’ve had further meetings with quite a few of them after ONS as well, with extensive traveling activities, both in Norway and abroad.

We’ve signed two contracts with companies who want to use our product, we’ve raised funds from external investors, and we’ve hired more people. More information about these events will be released shortly.

Our first external user got access late last year. Based on their feedback, we’ve worked hard to improve the product. We were aiming to let an additional batch of external users on at the end of 2016, but we’ve decided to delay our expansion in order to add more feature before the next batch of beta users.

We’ve made great progress with the extra time we’ve taken, and we will grant the next group of users access within a couple of weeks. It will be our official beta release, which is an important milestone for us. We have a lot of great new features that we are looking forward to demonstrate!

We’ve added many load cases and calculations to Oliasoft WellDesign, some of which take into account effects that some of our competitors’ software does not. To simplify comparisons against our competitors, we have added switches where effects can be disabled. This means that design validation should be very easy for users migrating from competitor systems.

With the beta release, our casing design module will be feature complete and ready for use in the real world. Of course, it will remain in beta until we have validated everything, both internally and externally with our partners and customers.

Feature complete does not mean we will not be adding new features. We already have a long list of improvements planned based on the feedback we’ve received from our current partners and customers. Examples are open APIs and automation support, kick tolerances, knowledge repositories, reporting and management views, and lots more.

In addition to releasing our casing design module, we are making great progress with modules for well archives and trajectory modelling, production design, tubing design, and more. We plan to release these and more before summer.

Stay tuned!

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