Oliasoft presented at DEA’s 2nd Qtr 2020 meeting

DEA brings together the best minds and Oliasoft is one of them for this quarterly meeting

As the rate of digitalization accelerates around us, there are still many challenges in making direct use of the broad palette of solutions that digital technology could offer to well construction. The industry needs to take more ownership of these opportunities.

The agenda of the meeting was “Digital Breakthrough in the Drilling Industry” and Oliasoft was one of the handpicked companies to present our solution in this context.

Most large operators and service companies have a digital transformation strategy, which often includes partnering with global IT companies, and involves large investments.

In the drilling domain, a lot of data and information is gathered and reported by all parties involved in the process. The challenge remains to transform it into actionable knowledge and support operations. In recent years automation and ‘big data’ has dominated drilling conferences and innovation agendas. Are we beginning to see the results of the efforts in these domains? Which tangible efficiency and quality improvements can we identify? These are two of many areas in which we expect and already see advancements of application of digitalization.

Which major digital breakthroughs are expected in the near future for our industry, and can some of us already identify ourselves as successful today?

The DEA(e) is the upstream oil and gas association dedicated to the advancement of drilling engineering technology. The primary objective is to enable drilling performance improvement by increasing awareness and uptake of drilling technology through sharing of knowledge and experience. The DEA(e) meets four times a year to discuss a specific topic chosen by the members and Oliasoft is handpicked to present our thoughts on digital technology for the oil and gas industry.

Do you want to get further insight into the presentation and get to know more about why Oliasoft WellDesign is relevant in that regard?

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