Oliasoft has the privilege of working with IFE, Institute for Energy Technology

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Last week, the entire Oliasoft team visited Kjeller to take a closer look at a handful of the institute’s various labs, to learn more about the underlying research and development behind the computational methods that we make use of.

IFE has led the energy research field for 70 years and has played a key role in the development of Norway as an energy nation.

Oliasoft visited IFE at Kjeller to learn more about the research and development behind the computational methods used in Oliasoft software.

Oliasoft has cooperated with the IFE Process Technology department since 2016. The sub-department, Flow Technology, was the inventors of the revolutionary OLGA software, which enabled detailed simulation of multi-phase flow in pipelines. It was the researchers Dag Malnes and Kjell Bendiksen who were the masterminds behind the software which was elected the most decisive invention in Norway after 1980 by Aftenposten in 2012. The innovation enabled hydrocarbon production streams to be transported on the seabed. It has saved the oil industry billions in expenses on the Norwegian continental shelf and has made it possible to develop many oil and gas fields that would otherwise not have been profitable.[1]

The collaboration with IFE has so far yielded many unique features in Oliasoft WellDesign, which includes, among other things, our avant-garde temperature simulator, and blowout & kill module.

Correct calculations are not something that makes us unique, but Oliasoft WellDesign is the only option in the market that make the advanced simulators and calculators available in an integrated way, readily available and built for sharing through open API connections. Modern technology serves the operator of the software better, as well as everyone in need of data, reports, or results from the software.

As an example, reservoir engineering tools and simulators can be integrated with the software and given access to read and write of data and results or even accessing the engines themselves. API connections enable the reservoir engineer to gain a better understanding of realistic well alternatives at an earlier stage, which leads to more optimal placement of platforms, templates, and wells, and increases productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Oliasoft WellDesign is a design tool for the traditional oil and gas industry, however, it is also used on geothermal wells and CO2-injection wells for carbon storage.

IFE builds bridges between research, education, and industry, enabling Oliasoft to transform ground-breaking knowledge and methodology into state-of-the-art cloud-based engineering software. Oliasoft is a modern software company for the energy industry, currently specializing in the design of wells. IFE has pioneering expertise in other areas within the energy industry. One can only wonder what type of software the collaboration can breed in the future.

[1] Source: https://www.aftenposten.no/okonomi/i/rA9Aa/store-roer-som-gjorde-oljeeventyret-mulig (retrieved: 29.09.2022)

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