Oliasoft donates student licenses to the University of Stavanger

As of 2021, Oliasoft WellDesign will be part of the curriculum for petroleum students specializing in drilling and well technology at the University of Stavanger

Oliasoft is proud to announce a new partnership with the University of Stavanger. This partnership will benefit students’ ability to exploit well construction software at an early stage and contribute to educating future employees who already have proven experience with their work tools.

We have seen that modern work tools are important to get quickly into the curriculum, so that the students who graduate are best equipped to make a career and become useful resources and healthy contributors in their new jobs

Øystein Arild, Head of Department at Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering, UiS.

Further, he elaborates that Oliasoft brings useful solutions and perspectives that the industry demands and that the university as an educational institution also needs to respond in the same direction, and use the solutions that support the industry’s future needs in the best possible way.

 The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Increased relevance to the study program
  • Increased motivation, learning and skills among students
  • An advantage for companies wanting to hire drilling engineers from the university. 

About the University of Stavanger, Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering

The department offers study programs in petroleum and energy engineering from bachelor to PhD level. The department has close research collaboration with the industry and other research institutions. The department focuses on internationalization, with the development of study programmes in English and high rate of mobility among scientists students.

Practical experience with relevant working tools is

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